New Feature: 'Where Dat?' — Guess where photos were taken

As a small entertaining diversion, you can now make guesses where pictures were taken, and get points for guessing correctly. Just for fun.

New Feature: Fix Itinerary Errors

The Itinerary & Other Ships in Port feature is usually correct about your sailing's itinerary, but now, if it happens to be wrong, you can correct it yourself. There's now an "Edit" link at the bottom of all Itinerary pages you can use.

New Feature: Ship Info Pages

People have asked if they could share photos of ships, not for any specific sailing. Sure! Here you go! Feel free to share photos you've taken of the ship, inside or out, specific cabins, crew, or whatnot. This is not meant to be used for photos of passengers on specific sailings; use the regular dated sailing page for those.

This is an experimental new feature so let us know if you hit any bugs or what you think of it.

New Feature: Signup Spreadsheets

New Feature — You can now download a spreadsheet of signed-up members for events. Look for the "signup spreadsheet" link on the event info page. Useful for printing signup lists or sorting into a different order. Enjoy!

New Feature: Open/Close Event Registration

New Feature — If your event has a limited number of seats and gets full, you can now mark the event "closed". This will prevent new people from registering for it. You can also re-open it. See the open/closed button in the event edit screen.


Cruisefellows is a year old! In this first year we've been home photo rosters for 260 sailings. Hope you've enjoyed the site! If you have ideas for improving CruiseFellows just let us know.

New Feature: Itineraries

New Feature — View your itinerary and a list of what other ships will be in port with you. Just go to your sailing then click the "Itinerary" link. Enjoy!


We're about to launch the inaugural sailing of!


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