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We at CruiseFellows want to help you have the most enjoyable trip possible, so we've got you covered from planing and packing to lying on the beach. Here are some links to what we at CruiseFellows think are cool stuff for traveling.

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Magellan's just has all kinds of cool stuff for traveling:

Magellan's Travel Supplies - Long Flight? Sleep Tight.

If you're going somewhere you don't speak the language, check out TELL ME MORE - Global Leader in Language Learning Software. They offer Spanish, French, Italian, German, Arabic, and Chinese.

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If you're looking for luggage, cases for cameras,
laptops, ipads, or other gear, we recommend:

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Mobile Edge - Stylish Laptop Cases and Accessories
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For accommodations pre-cruise or post-cruise, is a great resource, and Splendia has some nice luxury and character hotels:


Boy oh boy is it always a good idea to have travel insurance.
For trip or trip/medical insurance, check out:

Travel Guard Insurance

MEDEX Travel Medical Insurance

And of course you'll want books, ebooks, magazines, audiobooks, and so on to take with you for relaxing on the beach or balcony.

Get your DVDs for watching on the plane or streaming in your hotel room from Netflix... Your CruiseFellows Cruise Director went from skeptic to hooked, so give them a try. Here's a free trial offer to check them out:

For the trip you'll certainly want books, both for pleasure reading and travel books, and there are lots of choices where to get them at great prices:

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If you want magazines to take along, grab some here:

Save on 1300+ Magazines at BlueDolphin!

An even better option than carrying books is to bring ebooks on your new Nook...

Nook- the award winning Barnes and Noble eReader with 3G and WIFI

If you already have a Nook, iPad, Kindle, or other ebook reader, you'll want to stop by, the leading ebookstore on the web, or

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And there are also eMagazines:

Don't forget audio books for the plane ride or lying on the beach:

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A lot of cruisers are also wine enthusiasts, so here are a couple links for that. The delivers great wines to your doorstep each month, and there's all the stuff from Wine Enthusiast. If not for you, these make great gifts: Wines Delivered to your Doorstep Each Month     Wine Enthusiast - 125 x 125

For general travel supplies, there's always something you need at Target or Magellan's:

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Books for Your Trip

It's just AI - what could possibly go wrong?

The fateful meeting of Cortez and Montezuma, by one who was there.

(Click for more great reading below)

Innocents Abroad - The Best Cruise Book of the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries!

Click Here for Some Great Cruise Reading from ReAnimus Press

The true story of a famous Berkeley murder and a landmark Supreme Court case.

The story of America's Greatest Hoax. "An inspired novel."—TIME Magazine

Looking for something to do? Read The Innocents Abroad — The hiliarious first book about cruising.