This is Free, Right?

Yep, absolutely. We put up the site for our own enjoyment on sailings we're taking, and just decided to share it with others. We did put up some Google ads to help defray our time keeping the site going, but nope, there's no cost to use the site, and we're not doing it to sell anything. See our Terms & Privacy Policy for more.

How do I Join?

To join the list for a particular sailing simply add a photo of yourself. You can do that using the "Add your Photo" form found both above and below the photos for your sailing.

How do I Add a Sailing?

Simply choose the date and ship on the home page and it will add the sailing if it doesn't already exist.

Can I Search For a Particular Sailing?

Yes... If you click only some of the fields on the Select Your Sailing dropdown lists for date/cruise line/ship and hit 'Go' it will show a list of partial matches. (For example, if you only clicked 'Princess' and 'Crown' on the list of cruise lines and the ship name, you'd get a list of upcoming sailings on the Crown.

If you want to create a new sailing, you have to choose values for all the fields, though.

How can I retrieve my password if I lost it or never got it?

Go to your sailing, and look at the left hand side. There's a "Forgot Password?" link on the right side navigation bar.

How Can I Fix a Blurry Photo?

That is usually the result of a too-small photo, so try replacing it with a larger, higher-resolution photo.

Is There a Limit on File Sizes?

Yes, to keep our server's disk from filling up there's a 10Mb limit on the size of a photo or file upload. If there's a real need to increase that we can, but it seems pretty high for most purposes.


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