About CruiseFellows.com

Hi, welcome to CruiseFellows.com!

This site was set up by some of your fellow cruisers who found it fun and useful to share photos of each other while chatting in the roll calls over on CruiseCritic.com.

Things we like about a photo roster...

  • Recognize new friends at checkin, on deck, at events, etc.
  • See the people you're chatting with on the roll call
  • Find people with similar interests
  • Form a friendship for just one cruise, or a lifetime


Cruisers set up all kinds of events, like Cruise Critic get-togethers, cabin crawls, pre-cruise parties, etc. It helps when there's a page that gives details of the event (time, place, description...) and a list of who's coming. We noticed what a chore that was for people to maintain -- so we set up part of the CruiseFellows web site to do it for you.

Anyone can create an event (just click the link on the page for your sailing), and to sign up for it takes people only a couple clicks.


Feel free to share links and uploaded files of relevance to your sailing, such as links to the roll call on CruiseCritic.com, web pages for good tour guides you've found, upload photos of the ship or ports you've taken, upload an itinerary as a PDF or HTML file, etc. Links can either be to external sites or to uploaded files. People often share these things in the roll call but this lets you put them in one place so they're easier to find than hunting back through a roll call.

Anyone can post a link or upload a file.

Itineraries and Other Ships in Port

Each sailing has a link to show you the itinerary, and one step better: A list of what other ships will be in port with you that day, so you'll have an idea how busy it will be.

Terms & Privacy Policy

Doubt there's anything here to worry about, but if you want to know what we're thinking, you can read our Terms & Privacy Policy.

See you onboard!


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