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Meet your Fellow Cruisers!

        As a complement to the excellent Roll Call discussions boards operated by the good people over at CruiseCritic.com *, this is a free site where you can upload a picture of yourself and view pictures of your fellow cruisers.

        It's fun & useful to be able to recognize people in line at checkin, on deck, see who you're chatting with on the roll call, or otherwise cross paths. It also gives you something to play with while you wait to get out there (besides pack). CruiseFellows.com is easy to use: Just pick your sailing, type in your name and browse to a photo. Announce the page in your Roll Call and others can add their photos.

        CruiseFellows also provides event planning links, so you can plan or join a cabin crawl, a Cruise Critic party, a pre-crusie dinner, or any other kind of event. Anyone can set up an event, and adding your name to an event takes just a couple clicks.

        You can also share links to sites or file uploads that might be useful to others on your sailing.

        We hope you find CruiseFellows useful and fun. Feel free to use this for any of your sailings.

        Enjoy your cruise, and see you onboard! —The CruiseFellows.com crew

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* CruiseFellows.com is NOT affiliated with CruiseCritic.com, any cruise line, or, well, anyone else for that matter. We're just some people who like cruising and had the ability to create this site to share with others to make cruising even more enjoyable. We hope you enjoy it!


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