Cruise ship sailing into the sunset

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

After 15 years, CruiseFellows is sailing off into the sunset. CruiseFellows was always meant to be an add-on to cruisecritic, providing functionality they didn't, but some years ago cruisecritic made it impossible to link to sites outside their own and scolded people who tried. (In order to keep people's eyeballs from wandering away from their ads, alas.) Traffic here has declined to near zero over the years, so it's time for the crew to focus on other things, like taking more cruises. We hope you enjoyed the site! It's been fun — thanks for all the memories!

We also run a small publishing company, so, how about some good books to read before, during, or after a cruise? :)

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Books for Your Trip

It's just AI - what could possibly go wrong?

The fateful meeting of Cortez and Montezuma, by one who was there.

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Innocents Abroad - The Best Cruise Book of the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries!

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The true story of a famous Berkeley murder and a landmark Supreme Court case.

The story of America's Greatest Hoax. "An inspired novel."—TIME Magazine

Looking for something to do? Read The Innocents Abroad — The hiliarious first book about cruising.