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How to Add a Photo

Here's a rundown how you add a photo in three easy steps.

1. First, you type in your name the way you want it to appear on the roster. Like "Mary & Bill". First names are fine, or include your last name. Whatever you're comfortable with.

Type your name(s) now:

2. Great. Now you click the 'Browse' button below. That will pop up a box on your screen where you can navigate to your pictures folder on your hard drive. Different systems display it differently (and I confess I don't have a Mac to know how that does it.) On a Windows PC you'll get a box starting in some random folder. Using the box's navigation features (like the drop down list of folders or the "up" arrow to go up a folder, or the "My Documents" button), click until you get to the folder where you store your photos. FYI, photos will be of a type of file called a "JPEG" or "JPG".

Tip: Use the "view" button (which might be an icon that looks like a box with some little squares in it View Menu icon) and choose the "Thumbnails" view. Then you can see what the photos look like. (Here are some screen shots of the popup so you can see.)

Click on the photo you want to use and click the "open" button in the popup box.

Ready? Click 'Browse' now:

(Don't worry about the box in front of the button. That will show the name of your file after you select it. You could actually type in a full path to a file there, but it's usually much easier to use the Browse button.)

3. This step is easy.

Click the 'Add your photo' button and you're done:

Wait a few seconds while the picture transfers. The web site will show you a confirmation message after it's received the photo.

Tip: If you don't like the photo you picked you can change it any time. There's an "edit my info" button at the bottom of the photos. In there you can select a different picture or change any other details about you.


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