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2014-02-16 - Carnival - Sunshine/Event: Paradise Beach Day

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Event: Paradise Beach Day

Meet: TBA - 2/21/14 - Port Day

Organized by: elkranger

About the event: Come Join Your Fellow Monkeyheads for a FUN Day at Paradise Beach
$2.oo entrance fee, we will work out a price with our Taxi drive Miguel .. food n liquid libations are at your own descression

The following people have signed up:

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Photo Name Cruise Critic ID Cabin# Home Town

Bill & Karen RaicheGlassBeagles 6344 El Camino Village, CA

Don & JackieSteelwool, (DonK, Funville) 1535

Frances Evanspeachcrek winfield park

Jodi and Abegmomof3k 8176 Nassau County, New York

Joe & JoanneCujo5150 6328 Hampstead, Md

Jordan Zarate 1512 hazlet nj

Lindsay (Jodi & Abe's daughter)gmomof3k same as mom and dad's Nassau County New York

Marylynn & DonnaDreamcruzer 6332 Greenville SC

Steve and Vickie2ndrcclcruise 12002 casper, wy

Tom (elkranger) n Susan (Sioux)Tom (elkranger) n Susan (Sioux) 6336 Folsom, Pa

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