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2014-02-16 - Carnival - Sunshine/Event: Meet n Greet

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Event: Meet n Greet

Meet: Deck 9 Aft - Feb 16th - Pre-cruise - Pre-cruise

Organized by: ElkRanger

About the event: Come Meet Your Fellow Monkeyheads for lotsa laughts, and a few Liquid Libations Prior to the Safety Drill and Sail-a-Way

The following people have signed up:

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Photo Name Cruise Critic ID Cabin# Home Town

akylahTexan Fan deck 2 Houston

Andrea and Nick Ricechristmas 1492 Baytown

Andy and MariMarilole and LeotheLion 7302 Austin, TX

Ann 7296 Newport Newes VA

Annetteafcj1 Parker, CO

Audrey & Leocajungranny Lafayette, La.

Becky- TA from GAracn2work4cruises 6352

Bill & Karen RaicheGlassBeagles 6344 El Camino Village, CA

Brenda Barnes 7292 College Station, TX

Dawn and Suerunamuc 6320 Finleyville, Pa

Dee and Tommy McLaughlinDeliamc 2340 Monroe LA

Don & JackieSteelwool, (DonK, Funville) 1535

Ed and Donna (Detroit Donna)Detroit Donna 9210 Chesterfield, MI

Frances Evanspeachcrek winfield park

Heidecruiselover43 9199 Kenosha

Jacquie and Brandon Gift Uniontown,Pa

Jim And Kathyjim and kathy 9134 Mayerthorpe

Jodi and Abegmomof3k 8176 Nassau County, New York

Joe & JoanneCujo5150 6328 Hampstead, Md

Jordan Zarate 1512 hazlet nj

KathyKdcutie8 2110 Salt Lake City, Utah

Kathy and Daveahoys Deck 6 Tampa, Florida

Larry and She who must be obeyed (Cheryl) lwolfson 2347 Jacksonville, FL

Lee JohnsonCarolinacruiser 7276 Greenwood, SC

Lindsay (Jodi & Abe's daughter)gmomof3k same as mom and dad's Nassau County New York

Lissasweetlissa 7aft Houston

Marylynn & DonnaDreamcruzer 6332 Greenville SC

Mike and CrisPunkindDad;crisrn2003 7305 Daphne, AL

Missi & Darren2BzyHvnFun 8208 Spanish Fort, Alabama

Molly penguin305 2346 Columbus Ohio

Randy & TerryOzark Cruiser 2 8103 Winona MO

Rich and Sally HeadBrittimbones 7215 Hornell, NY

Sallie & Michaellives to cruise & lives to cruise too 6359 Columbia

Scott & Mary FergusonMaricott 6346 MS Gulf Coast

ShannaShanna 8166 Steamboat Springs

ShavonneLeo's Rule Forward Houston

Shirley & Daveshirleyk 7230 Yardville, NJ

Steve and Vickie2ndrcclcruise 12002 casper, wy

Tom (elkranger) n Susan (Sioux)Tom (elkranger) n Susan (Sioux) 6336 Folsom, Pa

Will & BrendaBrenAlur 8192 Seymour

Williamscgamecock Panama City, FL

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