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2013-11-18 - Celebrity - Silhouette

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Amy & Bob
Cruise critic username: Rusticfurnituremaker
From: Chimney Rock, NC
Cabin: 1269
Pre cruise: November 17, staying at Hotel Miramare in Civ.
Post cruise: Taking the transatlantic cruise back to FLL
Excursions: Florence: Private tour to Siena and San Gimignano, Corfu- just visit town, Kotor-Private 5 hour tour of island with Milo, Dubrovnik-visit city, walk the wall, boat ride, Ravenna- tour of Ravenna and San Marino, Venice- walk around, Catania-undecided, but probably Taormina and Castelmola again, Naples- Private tour of Amalfi villages
Number of cruises: 30+
Age: 57 and 71
Email: [click to send email]
Homepage: https://chimneyrockbarkandtwig.com
About: Travel, kayaking, enjoying good food and drink, hiking.

Annabelle and Bill
Cruise critic username: Storfie
From: Barrie, Ontario
Cabin: 7214
Post cruise: B2B Dec.1 TA
Number of cruises: 30
Age: 66 and 68 years young!
Email: [click to send email]

Cruise critic username: Ptrpanpens
From: Los Angeles
Cabin: 7138
Pre cruise: November 15 Hotel Barocco
Post cruise: December 1 Flying to NYC for 4 days
Excursions: Ravenna, Catania, Kotor, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Florence
Number of cruises: 10+
Email: [click to send email]
About: Love to travel especially to Paris and the rest of France but also love Italy, Spain and the British Isles. Retired from Los Angeles County for 9 years. Other interests include Art History, antiques, politics, basketball and my two very spoiled cats.

Arlene & Sam
Cruise critic username: moodybl1
From: Los Angeles
Cabin: 7156
Pre cruise: 11/17/2013 Airport Hilton
Post cruise: 12/13/2013 Airport Hilton
Excursions: Some ship tours, some tours with fellow Cruise Critic members
Number of cruises: 11
Age: 63 and 64
Email: [click to send email]
About: Love to cruise, being with our grandson who is now 5 1/2, staying at our condo in Palm Springs, CA, exercising, going to the movies, Tai Chi (Sam), reading, looking forward to retirement so we can cruise more often and for longer trips!

Arthur & Kathy Apostolakos
Cruise critic username: 30thanniversarycruiser
From: Park City, UT
Cabin: 6282
Pre cruise: Nov. 17, Overnight Rome
Post cruise: Dec. 1, straight back home
Number of cruises: 20+
Age: 61,65
Email: [click to send email]

Barb & Sue
Cruise critic username: Barbs44Travels
From: Santa Clarita CA & Oregon City OR
Cabin: 8257
Pre cruise: 11/15/13
Post cruise: 12/1/13
Excursions: Livorno, Dubrovnik, Ravenna, & Catania
Number of cruises: 28
Email: [click to send email]
About: Enjoy: 8 Grandchildren, Photography, Gardening, Needle Arts, Choral Singing, Reading, travel to various timeshares, local community involvement.

Bill and Sue
Cruise critic username: shorning
From: Lilliwaup, WA
Cabin: 9314
Pre cruise: 11/17/2013 Courtyard Rome Airport
Post cruise: B2B
Number of cruises: 40
Age: 70s
Email: [click to send email]

Bob and Dee Slone
Cruise critic username: Frutti
From: Poinciana
Pre cruise: Nov 17 - Civitavecchi Hotel
Post cruise: B2B - Ft. Lauderdale
Email: [click to send email]

Bob and Merial Heldt

Bob and Ruth
Cruise critic username: Been There, Planning That
From: Ontario, Canada
Post cruise: Continuing on TA
Number of cruises: A few
Age: Achieved our Alloted Three Score and Ten
About: Bob's a writer and will keep a detailed diary and picture file. I'm along for the cruise experience and touring.

Bruce & Carmen
Cruise critic username: Chiquita Cruiser

Chuck & Patricia
Cruise critic username: Pdeltx
From: Dallas, TX
Cabin: GTY
Pre cruise: 15 Nov 2013, St. Regis Rome for 2 days
Post cruise: 30 Nov 2013 (at Naples)
Excursions: TBD
Number of cruises: 5
Email: [click to send email]
About: We love to travel, and we love to cruise. We're working on making it to the Captain's Club Elite level on Celebrity - should be there after this one!

Darlene & Larry
Cruise critic username: darkauf & larryhnj
From: Stamford, CT
Cabin: 7231
Number of cruises: 26
Age: 64
Email: [click to send email]
About: Both Larry and Darlene work full time. We both sing in choirs. At the present time,Darlene is part of a Classical Choir that performs twice a year. We love cruising and visiting the world. We have 2 grown married daughters and 4 grandchildren, 3 boys and 1 princess. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

David and Lyn Cole
Cruise critic username: lyn1940
From: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Cabin: 1275
Pre cruise: 14 November - staying at Rimini Hotel, Rome
Post cruise: 15 December - staying in New York for 5 Days
Number of cruises: 30
Age: Early 70s
Email: [click to send email]
About: We like reading, wine tasting, travel

Dawn and Batta
Cruise critic username: B&B
From: USA and Germany
Cabin: 1556
Pre cruise: November 15, 2013
Post cruise: December 2, 2013
Excursions: Mount Etna Tour; Kayaking in Dubrovnik; Hiking in Kotor
Number of cruises: 4
Age: mid 30s
Email: [click to send email]
About: Batta is an engineer from Germany. In his spare time, he likes to repair old machines/computers and collect paintings. He has lived in many countries and speaks 5 languages fluently. He also enjoys correcting his American girlfriend's grammar.
Dawn is a lawyer from the USA. In her spare time, she likes to run, roller blade and enjoy the beautiful beaches in her residence state of Florida. She has lived in three countries and yet only speaks English fluently, although she is working on improving her Spanish and German.

Erica & Phil
Cruise critic username: snickerseg
From: Vermont
Cabin: 6154
Pre cruise: Flying into Florence where we will stay for 2 nights pre-cruise
Post cruise: 11am flight from FCO. Yikes, I hope we make it!
Number of cruises: 9
Age: mid 40's
Email: [click to send email]
About: Last year we took our first Europe cruise and we couldn't wait to sign up for another one! We both love to travel (cruises and otherwise). We follow Hockey (Tampa Bay) in the winter and NASCAR in the summer. We both work at the same medical software company catering to Pediatrics. We love technology and enjoy talking about the latest consumer gadgets. We both like to read, Nelson DeMille is our favorite author. Erica likes puzzles and playing games (Scrabble and Rummikub are favorites) and is attempting to learn Italian. Phil is interested in alternative energy, gardening and preserving home grown food, bread making, and he doesn't like to tell people he crochets (mostly blankets) in his spare time, but really, he does, and he's super good at it! We have no children, just one extremely spoiled cat.

Ezra and Karen
Cruise critic username: VegasSlacker
From: Las Vegas, NV
Cabin: 6191
Pre cruise: 11/10/2013, staying at a VRBO near Piazza Navona
Post cruise: 12/1/2013, Flight Departs at 11:50am
Excursions: Livorno: Pisa, Lucca and winery, Corfu: Renting a car, Kotor: Jaz, Budva, Perast , Dubrovnik: Private Tour, Ravenna: Parmesan Cheese/Balsamic Vinegar/Wine Estate Tour, Venice: Hello Venice Card/DIY, 2nd Day Jewish Walking Tour, Sicily: Mt. Etna and Catania private tour, Naples: Amalfi Coast Private Tour
Number of cruises: 4
Age: 33, 34
Email: [click to send email]
About: We have lived in Las Vegas for around 9 years. It's an interesting town. There are very few natives. Everyone is from somewhere else. Ez is in pharmaceutical sales, originally from LA. I am a technology manager, originally from Houston. We enjoy taking advantage of great shows and great dining as locals.
We both play in several fantasy football leagues. Ez is a HUGE Dodgers fan and also enjoys blackjack, poker, and fishing. I enjoy reading, vegetable gardening, great wine, languages (German, Spanish, and learning Italian) and competing in adventure races.
This will be our first visit to Italy and our first Mediterranean cruise. Sooo...we are very excited about this upcoming cruise!

Fred & Linda
Cruise critic username: Relax Me
Cabin: 7246
Pre cruise: 17 Nov - Crowne Plaza Rome - St. Peters
Post cruise: B2B
Number of cruises: 30+

Gary & Lynn
Cruise critic username: Pug mom
From: Arlington, Texas
Cabin: 7134
Pre cruise: November 18
Post cruise: December 1
Excursions: Ravenna, Venice , Corfu & taromina
Number of cruises: 8
Age: 64 & 53
Email: [click to send email]
About: Love cruising, Rangers games, skiing, golf, running and most importantly spending time with our sons and daughter in law.

Helen & Ron
Cruise critic username: Eagertraveller
From: Stoneycreek, Ontario, Canada
Cabin: 7318
Pre cruise: Arriving November 17 and spending one night at Hotel Opera in Rome
Post cruise: Leaving for home the afternoon of December 1st on Alitalia
Excursions: Kotor tour as well as tour of Florence and Pisa. Doing many ports on our own
Number of cruises: Lots and hoping for many more!
Age: 59 and 60
Email: [click to send email]
About: I am a retired librarian who loves to travel and to research our trips. I was born in Greece but grew up in Canada. Ron and I met in university. We are both retired and enjoying life. While I travelled with friends, Ron completed a 2 year culinary degree. We both love to cook and eat. Our 2 children are grown up and married and we are expecting our first grandchildren (twins) in February. Can't wait.

Jim & Marie
Cruise critic username: LUV2binMT
From: Kennewick, WA
Cabin: 1648
Pre cruise: 11/15/13, Albergo del Senato, Rome
Post cruise: B2B Silhouette TA
Number of cruises: 5
Age: Both 61
Email: [click to send email]

Jim and Sue
Cruise critic username: Orlando Greybeard and Orlandocruiser
From: Orlando, Fl
Cabin: 8187
Pre cruise: Staying in Rome
Post cruise: Silhouette TA
Number of cruises: 18 (We book two appetizer cruises)!
Email: [click to send email]
About: Both Sue and I are avid readers. Since my retirement, we have enjoyed cruising, especially TA's and Europe.

John and Alice
Cruise critic username: hralice
From: Deltona
Cabin: 6109
Pre cruise: 11/18/2013
Email: [click to send email]

John and Judy Smith
Cruise critic username: jondy25
From: Cranston, RI USA
Cabin: 1647 Deck 11
Pre cruise: 11/18/13 no hotel
Post cruise: 12/1/13 no hotel
Excursions: Train to Pisa, maybe Lucca; Corfu ?; Kotor Church of the Rock, climb to St. John's Fort (weather?); Dubrovnik Stradum stroll, City Wall, cable car? Dominican Monastery; Ravenna shuttle to city then Rick Steve's walking tour; Venice free walking tour, vaporetto ride down the Grand Canal (maybe at night), stroll Customs House to Accademia, crack of dawn to St. Marks on 27th, and ???(will be back in May on own); Catania Taormina?; Naples ferry to Sorrento (3rd time, love the place) or Ischia for a change; a lot involving out on the water depends on the weather - that's why not booking reserved tours
Number of cruises: 3
Email: [click to send email]
About: John - Looking after 5 grandchildren as needed,trumpet player in community band (and President and Manager) and orchestra, fishing, history, Syracuse U. sports. Retired social worker/human services manager
Judy - Looking after 5 grandchildren as needed, Kindle books, cross stitching, puzzles, work a lot of hours. Bank operations system analyst, V.P. - Retiring 10/11/13 -

Jon and Mark
Cruise critic username: NC Mtn Boys
From: Boone, NC
Cabin: 7274
Pre cruise: November 17 - US Airways #718 - Hotel Abruzzi
Post cruise: December 1 - US Airways #719 @11:40am
Excursions: Florence, Kotor, Ravenna, Venice, Catania, Naples
Number of cruises: 15
Age: 44, 47
Email: [click to send email]
About: Love cruising, Love Europe. This will be our second Celebrity sailing, first on Solstice Class. This will also be our longest cruise to date. Previously sailed only 7 nights or shorter so, very much looking forward to the longer sailing!

Joyce & Ron
Cruise critic username: cruiser3169
From: Ocoee, Florida
Cabin: 8254
Number of cruises: 45+
Age: 67 and 71
Email: [click to send email]

Karla (Happy100)
Cruise critic username: Happy100
From: Miami
Cabin: Adriatic and TA --9204
Pre cruise: Nov 17-Civitavecchia Hotel de la Ville
Post cruise: Back to Back TA
Number of cruises: 15+
Email: [click to send email]
About: Travel, Reading, History, Photography, Humor, Art Galleries, Learning, Dance Classes, Seeing the World (68 countries and counting.....)

Kathleen & Gene
Cruise critic username: Timoneer
From: Salisbury, NC
Cabin: 7132
Pre cruise: November 18
Post cruise: December 1
Number of cruises: 39
Age: 65
Email: [click to send email]

Lynn & Bob
Cruise critic username: Lmack
From: Lexington, NC
Cabin: 1287
Pre cruise: Nov 14 Rome Airport Hilton
Post cruise: B2B. Dec 15 Ft Lauderdale
Number of cruises: Too many to count
Age: 65 & almost 67
Email: [click to send email]

Marc and Patti
Cruise critic username: Pattivan
From: Winter Garden
Cabin: 7227
Pre cruise: Nov 15, 2013
Post cruise: TA
Number of cruises: 46
Age: 64
Email: [click to send email]
About: Marc and I love to travel! Cruising is the best! We are high school sweethearts. Been retired almost 2 yrs and loving it!

Marianne & Cliff
Cruise critic username: mcrcruiser
From: Encinitas
Pre cruise: Nov 14,2013 /rome Airport Hlton Hotel
Post cruise: Doing b2b cruises of Nov 18 & Dec 1 ,2013 on silhouette
Excursions: All ports in Private tours & mini vans
Number of cruises: 57
Age: 74
Email: [click to send email]
About: Seeing & playing with Grand & Great Grand Children
Traveling both on cruises & by plane & auto
Golf & Swiming & especially srokeling in Hawaii
Reading magazines ,books & newspapers
Photography & Coin collecting of US older coins

Marianne and Joe
Cruise critic username: FTLCruisers
From: Weston FL
Pre cruise: November 13 staying at Hotel Alimandi Vaticano
Post cruise: returning to Fort Lauderdale on TA
Number of cruises: 50+
Age: 60 and 62
Email: [click to send email]

Martha and Mike
Cruise critic username: MYoung
From: Bryson City, NC
Pre cruise: 11-17
Post cruise: 11-18
Age: 60's
About: Recently retired. Love to travel including long cruises. Relatives in Australia, Uruguay, Spain.

Melissa and Steve
Cruise critic username: work4cruising
From: Boston,MA
Cabin: 9346
Pre cruise: November 17th - Courtyard Marriott Airport
Post cruise: December 1st
Number of cruises: 31
Age: 40,44
Email: [click to send email]
About: Steve and I lived in Detroit until 6 years ago when we migrated to Boston. We have been married for 15 years and don't have kids. We love to travel and cruising is our favorite form of travel.

Mika and Jasmine
Cruise critic username: drpdd
From: Portland, OR
Cabin: 1617
Pre cruise: 11/17/2013, Domus Lina in Fiumicino
Post cruise: 12/2/2013, Domus Lina in Fiumicino
Excursions: Florence - Private tour for 6 to see Pisa, Florence and wine and lunch at the winery in Chianti region, Corfu - 6 hour Private tour for 4 to see the island, Naples - Private tour to see Pompeii, Sorrento, Positano (Amalfi coast)
Number of cruises: I can only remeber 8. It could be more.....
Age: Guess!
Email: [click to send email]
About: Greetings from Oregon! We live in a state that is abundant with great food and wine. Famouns wine country, Willamette Valley is our backyard! So naturally, we love wine and food. Also, we love travelling to meet people from all over the world and learn their cultures. I (Mika) like hiking and enjoy what I do for living. My daughter (Jasmine) likes arts, especially cartoon and manga. Jasmine is a great cartoonist. We are so excited about this cruise. It is our first time cruising on Celebrity.

Mike and Ruth
Cruise critic username: tgetz
From: The Woodlands, Houston, Texas
Number of cruises: 34
Age: 69 both
Email: [click to send email]

Pat & Bill McSparron
Cruise critic username: kruzinpate
From: Galloway NJ
Cabin: 7160 b2b
Pre cruise: 11/15 Maracella Royal Hotel
Post cruise: 12/15 Spirit Airlines to Atlantic City
Excursions: Rome: free walking tour; Vatican; Catacombs; hoho, Florence Ship's Taste of Florence; Venice: free walking tour; Murano-Burano; gondola ride, Kotor, Cofur, and Dubrovnik on our own, Catania and Ravenna, ship's tours; Naples: Mt Vesuvius and Pompeii Ship's tour;Florence, Medici walking tour, Provence, ship's tour, and Barcelona, hoho and free walking tour; Tenerife, hoho
Number of cruises: 17
Age: 65 & 66
Email: [click to send email]
About: Cruising, reading, Canasta, water aerobics, shuffleboard, making IMovies at the apple store and traveling between New Jersey and Ohio to spend time with our new granddaughter

Rhoda & Gary. CREWSING
Cruise critic username: Crewing
From: Delray Beach, fl

Rochelle and Peter
Cruise critic username: rsfriedm
From: Aiken,SC
Cabin: 7139
Number of cruises: 60+
Email: [click to send email]

Silky and Kathy
Cruise critic username: Marcocruzer
From: Marco Island, FL
Cabin: ?? unassigned. That's what you get for signing up late
Pre cruise: Nov 13 Residenza in Farnese
Post cruise: B2B
Number of cruises: 30+
Email: [click to send email]
About: We met in college and have been married for almost 50 years. We're retired, living in Florida. Lived previously in NYC,Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Moorestown NJ, Bernardsville NJ and London.
Between boating, travel, golf (Silky), Kayaking (Kathy)and nine grandchildren (four live a mile away) we keep pretty busy.

Steve and Carol
Cruise critic username: SandC
From: Houston
Email: [click to send email]

Steve and Karen
Cruise critic username: swooldri
From: Melbourne, Florida
Cabin: 6305
Pre cruise: arrive Nov. 14, 4 nights at the Hotel Doria
Post cruise: B2B
Excursions: TBD
Number of cruises: 85 cruises complete with 6 more booked
Age: 55
Email: [click to send email]

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