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2013-05-17 - Holland America -

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Al & Wendy
Cruise critic username: traveller1
Email: [click to send email]
About: photography and internet

Allan & Marlane
Cruise critic username: skiww
From: victoria Harbour On
Cabin: 232
Pre cruise: 16 May Embassy
Post cruise: 17 June London, 5 days, hotel??
Excursions: Cherburg, Le Havre, Tilbury Berlin, St Petersburg
Number of cruises: 13
Age: 65, 65
Email: [click to send email]
Homepage: https://N/A
About: travelling, skiing, biking, photograghty

Bob (planobob), Joan (barney742), Carol and Buzz (vb,cruisers

Bobbie and Ken
Cruise critic username: Sapper1
From: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Pre cruise: May 14, 2013 Embassy Suites
Post cruise: 3 days London at cruise end -- Grosvenor House
Excursions: St. Petersburg, LeHavre, Normandy Beaches
Number of cruises: 11
Email: [click to send email]

Carol & JG
Cruise critic username: Sturnus & JGW321
From: Chelmsford, Essex, UK
Cabin: D358
Pre cruise: Live near Tilbury
Post cruise: Straight home
Excursions: none yet
Number of cruises: 5
Age: 60+
Email: [click to send email]
Homepage: http://sturnidae.com
About: Photography, wildlife and trivia.

Charlie and Jody Wallace
Cruise critic username: SeaVuPlay, Riptide
From: Harbeson, DE
Cabin: E382
Number of cruises: 7
Age: 61 and 56
Email: [click to send email]
About: Charlie boats and fishes, JoEllen (Jody or Jo) sews, scrapbooks and of course, both of us love to travel and be with our grandchildren. We are looking forward to meeting everyone and we apologize for our inactivity on the board; building our house was all consuming!

Don & Janice Fletcher
Cruise critic username: HAYWIREDON
From: Corpus Christi, Texas
Cabin: E321
Pre cruise: La Quinta Inn May 16, 2013
Post cruise: 4 days in London/Paris St Ermin's Hotel in London
Excursions: St Petersburg Alla tour/Taxi to Bruges
Number of cruises: 20
Age: 60's
Email: [click to send email]
About: We both enjoy traveling and our grand children. Don enjoys photography and playing guitar.

Frank and Sandy
Cruise critic username: statmanfp
From: Carlsbad, Ca

Georgina & Gerry
Cruise critic username: gigianne
From: Southern Ontario, Canada
Pre cruise: May 15, 2013
Post cruise: June 1, 2013 - London, England; Reykjavik, Iceland
Excursions: St. Malo, Cherbourg, Le Havre, Bruges
Email: [click to send email]

Jacqui (kazu)
Cruise critic username: kazu

James & Liz
Cruise critic username: 2ozbods
From: Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia
Cabin: D365
Pre cruise: 31 May. - 24 hour flight from Sydney
Post cruise: 2 weeks with family in UK
Number of cruises: 1 HAL (Alaska)
Age: 67 & 69
Email: [click to send email]

Jeanette & Ken
Cruise critic username: Maygrovecruisers
From: Auckland, New Zealand
Number of cruises: 53
Age: 68, 70
Email: [click to send email]

Jim and Joan
Cruise critic username: JJHarpo
From: Summers in Lake Stevens, WA and winters in Desert Hot Springs, CA
Cabin: 172
Pre cruise: June 1st.
Post cruise: June 17th.
Excursions: Five Alla tours
Number of cruises: 3 not including a hitch in the US Navy for Jim
Age: 70
Email: [click to send email]
Homepage: https://www.jimandjoan.blogspot.com
About: Joan likes puzzle books and grandchildren.
Jim likes caving, white water and travel.

Jose (kazu)
Cruise critic username: kazu
From: New Brunswick
Pre cruise: May 15, 2013 - Embassy Suites
Post cruise: June 17, 2013
Excursions: St. Petersburg, Berlin, Le Havre, Mont St. Michel, Normandy beaches & Bayeux
Number of cruises: lost count
Email: [click to send email]
About: love exploring new places and travelling to experience different countries, culture and history

Julie and Ben
Cruise critic username: mtnmusic
From: Sherman, TX
Cabin: AB Guarantee
Pre cruise: May 16, 2013 Pelican Grand Beach Resort
Post cruise: June 1, 2013 DoubleTree London West End
Age: seniors
Email: [click to send email]

Linda & Dick
Cruise critic username: Sea Lady
From: Phoenix AZ
Pre cruise: May 16
Post cruise: June 4
Number of cruises: 9
Age: 63 and 77
Email: [click to send email]

Lou (DrTee)

Cruise critic username: DrTee
From: Denton TX
Cabin: BC guarantee
Pre cruise: May 16, Hyatt
Post cruise: June 5, Holiday Inn Mayfair
Excursions: Hamilton, MSM, Bayeux (with HAL), Giverny, Bruges
Email: [click to send email]
Homepage: https://tripadvisor.com/members/drtee

Lynne & Rich
Cruise critic username: Skipper's Mom
From: Punta Gorda, FL
Cabin: 060
Pre cruise: May 17, 2013
Post cruise: June 1 - London
Excursions: 1/2 Day Normandy Beaches & Cemetery Private Tour
Email: [click to send email]
About: Reading, Mah Jongg, travel

Marty & Ricki (LoveHal)
Cruise critic username: LoveHal
From: San Antonio, TX
Pre cruise: May 16, 2013
Number of cruises: 22 on HAL
Email: [click to send email]
About: Classical Music, Theater, Historic Preservation, Cats.

Mary & Joseph
Cruise critic username: socalcruisers2
From: Corona del Mar, CA
Email: [click to send email]

Cruise critic username: onthegogirl
From: SW Connecticut

Michelle and Richard
Cruise critic username: MissShelllly
From: Adelaide, South Australia
Cabin: 26
Pre cruise: About a week in London
Post cruise: Staying on for the Celtic Enchantment as a collectors tour
Number of cruises: 4
Age: 51 and 55
Email: [click to send email]
About: Travel, computers and iPads, photography and videoing

Mickie and Neil
Cruise critic username: Mickie
From: Hernando, FL, US
Cabin: D368
Pre cruise: Driving down to Ft. Lauderdale on day of sailing
Post cruise: Maybe staying in London for a while; possibly Queen Mary back home
Excursions: Normandy Beaches, Brugge, still planning
Number of cruises: 8-10 - don't remember
Age: 65. 67
Email: [click to send email]
About: reading, mah jongg, volunteering for Mickie
Motorcylces, gym, arguing politics for Neil (you've been warned!!!)

Cruise critic username: Lucy Jane
From: Michigan
Cabin: 215
Pre cruise: 5.16.13 Westin Ft Lauderdale
Post cruise: 6.18.13 Grosvenor House
Excursions: 0
Number of cruises: 70 ?
Email: [click to send email]
About: Reading, photography, cruising

Nolan & Lillie
Cruise critic username: Sotovoce
From: Georgia
Cabin: 442
Pre cruise: May 16
Post cruise: June 1 - London, Bielefeld, Frankfurt, Stutgart
Age: 71 and 70
Email: [click to send email]

Peter and Harry
Cruise critic username: SFO PETER
From: San Francisco
Email: [click to send email]

Phil and Ruth Ann
Cruise critic username: Ncgolferette
From: North carolina
Pre cruise: Embassy suites
Excursions: St. Malo, Cherbourg, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Brugges
Number of cruises: 10
Age: Getting there

Rich & Deb
Cruise critic username: 0bnxshs & Missys_Mom
From: Central Florida
Cabin: 112
Post cruise: 17 June 2013
Excursions: Cherbourg, St. Petersburg, Berlin independent tours
Number of cruises: 7 & 8
Age: 52 & 52
Email: [click to send email]
Homepage: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AiCWg5l-MfQrdDVrUmFmRXl5MTdLejJxQW1vdEh4anc&output=html

Robert Riedling (robried)
Cruise critic username: robried
From: Louisville, KY
Cabin: 493
Pre cruise: May 16--Westin Ft. Lauderdale
Post cruise: June 17
Excursions: Baltic 5 city tours (Alla tours), snorkeling excursion in Bermuda, Mont St. Michelle, excursion to Rouen, excursion to Brugge, excursion to Tivoli Gardens and tour of Copenhagan, excursion to Dragor Village
Number of cruises: 8
Age: 46
Email: [click to send email]
About: photography, swimming, traveling

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