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2013-05-04 - Carnival - Freedom

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Brian & Trish Bennett
Cruise critic username: brino99
From: Tulsa, OK
Cabin: 8436
Pre cruise: May 3 - Ft. Lauderdale Hilton @ the airport
Post cruise: May 12 - Head home
Excursions: Planning on going to Dreams with bacflip4
Number of cruises: 12
Age: Brian (58), Trish (51)
Email: [click to send email]
About: We like to travel...generally take a cruise, a trip to a beach (Mexico this year) and a trip to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii each year. We love football and are Dallas Cowboys season ticket holders, but we are not obnoxious fans. Love to meet and make new friends when we travel, hence we get on the Cruise Critic Roll Calls.

Christine and Erik
Cruise critic username: bacflip4
From: Auburn, MA
Excursions: Dreams Resort, Margaritaville, Jacks Shack, Beach, Snorkeling
Number of cruises: 6
Age: 32
Email: [click to send email]
About: Christine - Traveling, Animals, Crafts, Couponing, Bruins, Bartending
Erik - Traveling, DiscGolf, Drumming, Animals, Bruins, Patriots

Dan & Becky
Cruise critic username: fotofool
From: Lees Summit MO
Cabin: 74XX aft
Pre cruise: 5/3/2013 La Quinta
Post cruise: 5/12/2013
Excursions: Margaritaville, Dreams Resort Day Pass in Dominican Republic, on our own in Curacao, Binns Tours in Aruba
Number of cruises: 4
Age: 53 & 47
Email: [click to send email]
About: We love cruising. Love playing "name that tune/Ipod wars" with our friends. Looking forward to relaxing by the pool and beach and meeting new friends. We like taking tons of photos. This year we have vowed to take more videos to look back on and help get us through until next year.

Larry, Mickey, Marcia, Earl
Cruise critic username: m-mello
From: Larry/Mickey from Topeka, KS.....Earl/Marcia from St. Peters, Mo.
Cabin: 23xx and 83xx
Pre cruise: May 3....Hollywood Beach Resort
Post cruise: Larry/Mickey depart May 12, Earl/Marcia staying on with a friend a few more days
Excursions: Grand Turk: on our own, La Romana:Saona Special, Aruba: ??, Curacao: ??
Number of cruises: Larry/Mickey 2, Earl/Marcia 3
Age: 64,58,63,62
Email: [click to send email]
About: Larry is retired, works for parks department in Topeka, KS. in the summer. Mickey works for the state. Earl is retired from the school district and Marcia works as a "seasoned" perianesthesia RN. We all love to travel...cruising is a GOOD thing!!! FYI Mickey and Earl are brother and sister.

Mavrick and Patty
Cruise critic username: Mavrick_RN
From: Kansas City
Cabin: 74xx (aft cabin)
Pre cruise: 5/3 La Quinta Inn and Suites
Post cruise: 5/12 Direct flight out to KC
Excursions: Grand Turk: Margaritaville, Dominican Republic: La Romana Excursions, Curacao: on our own, Aruba: Sonny Binns Tours
Number of cruises: 4
Age: 57 and 49
Email: [click to send email]
About: Have cruised before but never joined a Roll Call. Patty likes quiet time on our balcony with a book / drink in hand. Her claim to fame is she has WON the music trivia contest. I like a pre-breakfast stretch on the sport deck that I can fantasize about for the rest of the year at the gym. I don't "do" roundy rides so I'm only good for one trip down the spiral slide. Hope to chat with y'all and see you IRL (in real life)

Sari & Al
Cruise critic username: TrvlGigi
From: DeLand, FL
Pre cruise: May 3
Post cruise: May 12
Excursions: Coast to Coast Grand Turk Safari, Altos De Chavon & River Boat Cruise,Curacao's Coastal & Country Drive, Mi Dushi Sail & Snorkel
Number of cruises: Lots
Age: Retired
Email: [click to send email]
About: Looking forward to meeting our fellow cruisers.

Susie and Tommy
Cruise critic username: nccruiser123
From: Charleston, SC
Cabin: Empress - Aft
Pre cruise: 5/4/13 Driving 1/2 Friday evening and the rest Saturday
Post cruise: Driving home to SC
Excursions: Cruising the bars and beach area in Gran Turk. Hubby has to get that Margaritaville shirt at Gran Turk. Haven't decided on DR yet, looking at Carnival Tours. Doing the East Side tour with Irie Tours in Curacao. Aruba tour with Sonny Binns.
Number of cruises: 6
Age: 56
Email: [click to send email]
Homepage: https://temp:134974
About: We love to cruise and have met many interesting people in our travels. Susie is retired (stay at home Mom for 25 years) retired after last son left the nest. Tommy is a electrical Project Engineer. We have lived many places due to job relocations and transfers. We have two adult sons and two young grandhchildren, the youngest 6 days old. Our youngest son is a officer in the Navy stationed in Groton, CT. We survived his first deployment last year on a fast attack sub. We enjoy our family, college football, cruising, Nascar, the beach of course and just bought a shrimping/fishing boat. We look forward to meeting everyone soon. Go Cocks!!! (University of SC football)

Tom, Debbie and Britton
Cruise critic username: twscruiser
From: Orlando, FL
Cabin: Verandah - midship
Pre cruise: 5/4 - Driving from Orlando
Post cruise: 5/12 - Driving to Orlando
Excursions: DR - Seavis; Curacao - Irie Tours; Aruba - ??
Number of cruises: 15
Age: 60, 55, 20
Email: [click to send email]
About: Tom works for a information technology service provider; Debbie is a personal assistant; Britton is a full-time professional college student. We all began cruising at an early age, and consider it the best type of vacation.

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