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2011-12-04 - Carnival - Valor

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Cruise critic username: Bob
From: Westchester, NY
Cabin: 8357
Pre cruise: 12/4/11 fly in
Post cruise: 12/11/11 fly home
Excursions: Passion Isle - Coz, Coral Breeze - Belize, Tabayana - Roatan, Rum Point- Cayman
Number of cruises: 18
Age: Grandpa times 4
Email: [click to send email]
About: Travel is my main hobby - I get 6 vacations a year, so 3 cruises, 3 land.

Eydie and Larry
Cruise critic username: Man of Many Hats
From: Kansas
Cabin: 1373
Pre cruise: 12-3-11
Post cruise: going to Ft. Lauderdale for another cruise, this time on the Freedom
Excursions: Cozumel Bar Hop, Roatan Zip Line
Email: [click to send email]

Heather and Chris
Cruise critic username: pryncesshmm
From: Portsmouth, VA
Cabin: 7440
Pre cruise: Coming in 12/3, staying at the Hyatt Regency Miami
Post cruise: Leaving 12/12, on the way out hitting Hard Rocks in Miami, driving to Key West (hitting Hard Rock there), staying overnight, driving back and hitting Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood before catching our flight out.
Excursions: Grand Cayman - Turtles turtles and more turtles... and Hard Rock Cafe. haha see a pattern here? Roatan - Victor Bodden private tour Belize - Shark Ray Alley / Caye Caulker with budgetqueen Cozumel - Sea Lion swim at Chankanaab.... and Hard Rock Cafe. hehe
Number of cruises: This will be my 11th, and hubby's 4th. My second on CCL, his first.
Age: I will be 32, he will turn 32 on the cruise =)
Email: [click to send email]
About: This is our honeymoon cruise! =)
We collect Hard Rock Cafe pins (nooooow you get it ;) )
I am a travel agent and Chris is an engineer.

Ildiko (il dee)
Cruise critic username: il_dee
From: Bratislava, Slovak republic
Pre cruise: 30/11 Miami, Everglades, Key West
Post cruise: 15/12 Orlando, Orlando, Orlando :-)
Excursions: GC:Stingray with Moby Dick tours, R: nor decided yet, B: maybe snorkeling with Coral breeze, C: Tulum
Number of cruises: 0
Age: 36+59 (me and my mum)
Email: [click to send email]
About: traveling......

John & Lisa
Cruise critic username: 1GR8CRUISE
From: Battle Creek, Mi
Cabin: Lido Deck
Pre cruise: 12/03/11- Bayside Market
Post cruise: Head home, I know...it's a bummer!!!
Number of cruises: 4
Age: 48 & 46
About: 3rd time on Valor- Love it!

Cruise critic username: kmic1313
From: Delaware
Pre cruise: 12-02-11
Post cruise: 12-12-11
Excursions: SCUBA Diving, Sting Ray Tour, Cave Tubing, Bar Hop
Number of cruises: 2
Age: 28
Email: [click to send email]
About: I love traveling, and having fun


Lauren & Brian
Cruise critic username: LamenLaur
From: Bergen County, New Jersey
Pre cruise: 12/4/2011 - flying in morning of!
Post cruise: 12/11/2011 - flying home as soon as we're off the ship. Boo.
Excursions: Grand Cayman - renting a Jeep and exploring, Isla Roatan - Mahogany Bay, Belize - hanging out on the ship, Cozumel - Nachi Cocom
Number of cruises: 0
Age: 27 & 27
Email: [click to send email]

Lynne and Wayne
Cruise critic username: My Mattie and My Pappy
From: Spartanburg, SC
Cabin: 1048
Number of cruises: 28
Age: 55 & 55
Email: [click to send email]
About: We love to travel, snow ski and anything outdoors. We have two children and 4 grandchildren. We have been married 36 years this October.

Cruise critic username: rpmcruiser
From: Olympia, WA
Cabin: 7344
Pre cruise: 11/30/11 Holiday Inn. Visit Miami & Key West
Post cruise: 12/11/11. Seaquarium (Carnival)
Excursions: Caymans - Reefs, Rays, & Rum Point (Nativeway), Roatan - Maya Key (CCarnival), Belize - Xunantunich (Carnival), Cozumel - Nachi Cocum
Number of cruises: 1st cruise
Age: Robert 56 & Maria 56 during cruise
Email: [click to send email]
About: Maria and I will be taking our first cruise. We have 3 sons and are expecting our 3rd grandchild to arrive sometime in the next few days (Camila, our 2nd, is pictured with me).

Susan (tces4)
Cruise critic username: tces4
From: Littleton, CO
Cabin: 7446
Pre cruise: 12/3: Intercontinental
Post cruise: 12/11: Back to Colorado :(
Excursions: Grand Cayman: 7-mile beach area, give me shade on the beach and a drink....I'll be set! Cozumel: Bar Hop Bus!!!
Number of cruises: 8
Age: 46
Email: [click to send email]
About: Single mother of two teenage boys: Tyler, 17 and Clay, 14
Love to play cards! Spades, hearts, cribbage, poker.
Cabinmate for this cruise is Mary (siamese5555)

Cruise critic username: onekewlchicky
From: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Excursions: Cozumel Bar Hop, Roatan Zip Line
Number of cruises: 5
Age: 46
Email: [click to send email]
About: Working hard but vacationing harder. I love visiting new places near & far. I enjoy crusing & all-inclusive resorts. Single mom of a 16 year old brilliant young man(and though his dad is smart, I'm taking the credit! lol)

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