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2011-11-04 - Princess - Grand

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Cruise critic username: cdngrl
From: victoria, bc
Pre cruise: nov 2
Post cruise: staying on for a week in the warmth!
Email: [click to send email]
About: after 30 years of the selfless phase of my life, i have graduated to the selfish (in a good way!) phase. there are lots of places i want to see and i'm slowly working on it. my first cruises i'd end up exhausted as i had to see and do everything. now i lie around and people watch and read when i'm not exploring the new places.

Annie & Doug
Cruise critic username: Spunks
From: South Texas
Age: 64 & 64
Email: [click to send email]

Arlene and Boyce
Cruise critic username: NanaHope
From: Santa Rosa Beach Florida
Pre cruise: ???? still making plans
Post cruise: November 19
Excursions: HELP
Number of cruises: lots
Age: 67; 54
Email: [click to send email]
About: travel, travel, the grandchildren, family and friends. Reading, tennis (well just watching now)

Bill and Cheryl
Cruise critic username: rags51
From: Las Vegas, NV.
Cabin: C644
Pre cruise: 11/4
Number of cruises: 9
Age: I'm 64/ she won't even tell me
Email: [click to send email]
About: We both recently retired and are getting our feet wet. This retirement thing is very new to us and are learning as we go. Traveling is very big on our "bucket list", and here we go!!! We like to see new places,meet new people, and have fun doing it.

Bob and Tissy
Cruise critic username: ColoradoBob
From: Fort Collins, CO
Cabin: C324
Pre cruise: 10/19/11 Jury's Inn then Grand Princess
Post cruise: 11/19/11 home
Excursions: lots
Number of cruises: 10
Age: 72 & 69
Email: [click to send email]
About: Tissy retired from Police Dept
Bob retired from prospecting, Coors, Merck
road racing (Porsche)

Cindy and Stan
Cruise critic username: bluecinc
From: Ashland, MA
Number of cruises: 14th with Princess about 6 with other companies
Age: 60's
Email: [click to send email]
About: Cindy is a recently retired Team Chairperson in special education, Stan is a retired corporate Comptroller. We cruise at least a few times each year. We just returned from a very interesting trip to Asia and China on the Diamond Princess. We enjoy meeting new friends and doing independent tours with cruise critic people. We are active people who enjoy the outdoors, biking,and the beach. We have two children and two grandsons, We spend our summers at our house on Martha's vineyard.

Connie & Skip
Cruise critic username: S & C

Dave & Jan
Cruise critic username: jmlh
From: Toronto, Canada
Cabin: C702
Pre cruise: 12 days Egypt followed by2 days precruise @ Novotel Southampton
Post cruise: Heading straight home!
Age: Retired!
Email: [click to send email]
About: We both love travelling, visiting with friends, good wines and food. Also enjoy theatre.
Dave golfs all summer but just walking on a daily basis is more my style!
Really looking forward to meeting everyone on the roll call.

Dave & Linda
Cruise critic username: scwino
From: Aiken, SC
Cabin: D221
Pre cruise: Nov 1 / Rubens Hotel
Number of cruises: 22
Age: 63
Email: [click to send email]
About: Dave is retired, though he is fighting it, and Linda has been "retired" for several years. We are both active around Aiken with Linda the President of the Newcomers Club and "Grand mom" for a Red Hatters group. Dave is involved in a couple local amateur theatre groups, volunteering as Board member on one.


Ellie & Lee Williams
Cruise critic username: digital_ew
From: Sylvania, OH & Manitou Beach, MI
Cabin: Lido 238
Pre cruise: Nov. 3 - not sure yet on hotel
Post cruise: Nov. 21 or 22 Visiting friends and family in Florida
Number of cruises: 10+
Age: 68 & 69
Email: [click to send email]
About: Both of us are retired and spend part of our summers at our beautiful lake house on Devils Lake, Manitou Beach, MI. In between we are professional volunteers. Lee is a Master Gardener and volunteers for Mobile Meals in Toledo and works at our local botanical garden. He was vice president of human resources at a metal stamping plant in Bowling Green, OH for 27 years. Ellie retired as associate editor of digital communications at The National Exchange Club in 2005. She volunteers for several nonprofits, editing, designing newsletters, brochures, invitations, etc. and also designs and maintains four websites, something she likes to do while on cruises!

Fran and Len
Cruise critic username: Francine
From: Texas
Email: [click to send email]

Geoff & Sally
Cruise critic username: ovccruiser
From: Bristol UK
Cabin: Still not known :-)
Pre cruise: drive straight to dock
Age: too old
Email: [click to send email]

George & Anne Bettinger
Cruise critic username: Shoalwater
Cabin: P-237
Pre cruise: 2-Nov, Jurys Inn Southampton
Post cruise: home
Age: 66/66
Email: [click to send email]
About: Anne and I are both in science, and met in graduate school. We hope to be retired before the cruise, she completely and me partly. I have my Ph.D. in microbiology and have been working the past 8 years at the ______ Medical School in _______ to develop human vaccines against hemorrhagic fever viruses. Anne has an M.Sc. in Biology and has been a student recruiter at the ________ Cancer Center. We have been infected by the travel bug, and this past year have taken trips to Israel, Egypt (where we were caught up in the riots), and just returned from a great time in Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia. We decided we needed to retire so we can travel! Looking forward to our 2nd trans-Atlantic and a relaxing voyage.

Jan & Jim
Cruise critic username: jan44134
From: Willoughby, OH (greater Cleveland)
Cabin: D703
Pre cruise: Nov. 3, one night at airport (probably LHR Hilton)
Post cruise: staying on for 7 night E. Caribbean
Excursions: on our own, companions welcome!
Number of cruises: 29 (13 on Princess, elite)
Age: old, older!
Email: [click to send email]
About: Love to travel -- 50+ countries and counting. When we are traveling, our interests are visiting gardens, beautiful scenery, historic homes, theater, native cultures, sometimes museums. Jim is retired from the state bureau of employment services; Jan is a dropout from corporate risk managment/commercial insurance underwriting. We both love to read. Jim is the rare guy who enjoys shopping along with Jan.

JoAnne Landi and Judy Moll
Cruise critic username: jal701 JMoll
From: West Palm Beach, FL
Pre cruise: Nov.3 Jury's Inn
Age: younger than springtime
Email: [click to send email]
About: We live near each other and have fun traveling together. Went on a great TA last year out of our favorite city, Barcelona.
We will be spending several days in Paris before arriving in Southampton.
We both love to laugh, explore new places and cruise.
Just found out that Judy's daughter Ellen will be on board for a much needed vacation. We're like family.
Looking forward to meeting all of you!

John & Betty
Cruise critic username: ABroad AtSea
From: Weatherford, TX
Pre cruise: 19 Oct Jury's Inn
Number of cruises: To Many To List
Email: [click to send email]

Joyce and Terry
Cruise critic username: outgate08
From: Fort Collins, CO
Cabin: C419
Pre cruise: Sailing the Grand on voyage prior to this one
Post cruise: Enjoying Thanksgiving with our Florida daughter
Age: Joyce is 61; Terry, 60
Email: [click to send email]
About: We both retired in June, 2010. We then moved from Montana to Colorado to be near Daughter #2 and grandson! Looking forward to seeing Europe for the first time.

Laurel and Michael
Cruise critic username: CanadacruiseRN
From: Winnipeg
Cabin: E611
Pre cruise: Sept 30...Travelling through Scotland England and Wales
Post cruise: Home to Canada
Excursions: DDAY beaches from Le Havre
Number of cruises: 10
Age: 59 and 60
Email: [click to send email]
About: Travel to exotic and North American destinations. We enjoy photography, hiking, camping, playing with our children and grandchildren, and meeting new friends. We spent last winter travelling across the southern USA. We enjoyed Texas, espcially San Antonio (except the snow!) and Seminole Canyon State PArk, and Arizona, and San Diego. Michael is interested in Space Station, computers, astronomy and geneology. I like crafts, sewing, reading and playing the Bodhran.

Lynn and Tom
Cruise critic username: tbathurst1220
From: salem
Cabin: d204 mini on dolphin
Pre cruise: 11/1 london for 2 days
Post cruise: 11/19 home
Excursions: all on our own for now
Number of cruises: 45 on princess + 6 other cruise lines
Age: we don't get asked for id to order wine anymore
Email: [click to send email]
About: Lynn is a cpa, tom is an electrical, civil engineer in 3 states. plus most of africa and asia recently designed power substations in dubai..Tom was an avid reader of sea adventures as early as 10. honeymoon cruise on princess b/4 loveboat series. Relatives on maui, but these trips always cost more. Love life, day at a time. Been to almost every port princess offers plus 6 other lines. As we see our health change slowly, we need to be as active as possible and see it all. Grandkids are giving hints abt the droid phone and shortcuts on google.and i pad tom and lynn, oregon

Margie and John
Cruise critic username: Shipmatesforlife
From: North Canton, Ohio
Pre cruise: Nov. 1 - tour London then a trf/tour to Southampton
Post cruise: Cruise leaves Nov 4
Number of cruises: 24
Email: [click to send email]
About: I love to line dance or any type of dance, creative writing, reading, play cards. I am a retired hospital administrative secretary but I am back at the hospital working casual. They needed my computer skills - LOL>
John is an AVID hunter and fisherman. He is a retired high school teacher - teaching shop, science and biology. He is also a wood craftsman! John does not dance!
We both enjoy an occasional wine or cocktail -maybe more than occasional!

Marion & Nancy
Cruise critic username: Marion
From: Scottsdale
Cabin: D406
Pre cruise: Nov 2 St Pancras
Post cruise: Nov 19 Home
Excursions: Paris
Age: 74 & 70
Email: [click to send email]

Richard & Jennifer
Cruise critic username: Turbopaws
From: Davis, California
Cabin: E710
Pre cruise: Jurys Inn
Post cruise: Fly out on Southwest
Excursions: Bike ride in Bermuda
Number of cruises: Quite a few
Age: "Old enough to repay, but young enough to sell"
Email: [click to send email]
About: Travel, Photography, Hiking, Bike riding, Train riding, Visiting historic sites and museums.

Robert & Lora
Cruise critic username: Safadinho
From: Prescott Valley, AZ
Cabin: C517
Pre cruise: Probably 11/3 - Jurys Inn
Post cruise: Immediate flight to Las Vegas
Excursions: Visiting with family in Belgium, Lisbon and Azores. Normandy in France. Seafood in Vigo. Beach in Bermuda.
Number of cruises: 7
Age: 49 and "she'd kill me"
Email: [click to send email]
About: Forever newlyweds calling this our ROOTS CRUISE. Lora's family is from Belgium. Mine are from Portugal and the Azores.
I'm originally from Massachusetts and my bride is from Las Vegas. We compromised in Arizona.
Lora's a psychotherapist working with veterans in a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder clinic. I'm a former microbiologist/chemist now working as a Public Health Officer.
VERY much looking forward to this get-away, free from phones, emails and Blackberries!

Tom and Vicki
Cruise critic username: crzlover
From: Portland. Or
Cabin: ? not assigned yet
Pre cruise: Grand Princess (doing b2b
Excursions: on our own most ports
Number of cruises: 22
Age: old enough to know how to have fun!
Email: [click to send email]
About: Both retired. Love to travel, especially cruises. We "collect" countries

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