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2011-05-05 - Princess - Grand/Link: Cruise Critic Roll Call

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CLICK HERE to visit: Cruise Critic Roll Call [ http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1171567 ]

About the link: Roll Call: As of 3/14/2011
Mike & Marie(CATLADY1) Jax, FL - Bxxx
Folly (CLINKER1) Beach, SC
Joy & Louis (COUNTRY-BUMPKIN) Langley, BC
Lynda & Marty (CRUISE4TWO) London, UK
Dianne & Al (CRUISING CANUK) Calgary, AB - C609
Doris & Gil (DMRICK) Upstate NY
Rita & Gerry (EHOGAN)
Christine & Frank (EQUISE) UT
Sue & Don (GO FISH 44) Burlington, ON
Nancy (GOLDENSTATEGAL), Valencia, CA
Jean & Hunter (JEANROLL) Norcross, GA
Jennifer & Todd (JENCASH) Woodlands, TX
Sam & Elfi (JONIKAL) West Coast, FL
Oklahoma (KATBAT2)
Kelly & Glenn (KGCRUIZN) Westminister, MD - E318
Daniel & Karen (LONIEL) Temple Terrace, FL
Penny & John (MAGICNELLY) Georgia
Carol & Johanna (MORRISH IDOL) FL
Pia & Mike (PIA1913) Boynton, FL
Gloria & Lew (SAN DIEGO SUE) San Diego, CA
Ruth-Ann & Lloyd (RASHOPPER2) White Plains, NY - C634
John & Bunny (SEABUN) Cape Cod, MA
Annabelle & Bill (STORFIE) Barrie, ON
John & Donna (WADSWATCHER) Wadsworth, OH
Steve & Molly (ZKAT) Dallas, TX
Don & Kathy (Distinguished) Virginia
Bill & Tricia (Topdogbh) Northern CA
Chris & Karen (Gibby) Calgary, AB - D5XX
Ron & Marty (cruisermimi) Buena Vista CO
Otis & Sharon (coloradowanderer) Canon City CO
Mike & Robin (upgirl) Upper Peninsula of Michigan & FL
Horace & Rita (EastIowaGirl) Centennial, CO
Paul, Sue Lawrence & Linda (S&Ponboard) St. Catharines, ON
Chip & Cathy (ckgator) Jacksonville, Florida
Jim & Susan (Engineer_Lady) Albany, NY
Tobin (Clipper) Houston, TX
Rita & Ken (fiorita) North Georgia
Jan & Jim (Jan44134) Willoughby, OH
George & Colleen (smitty60, Helotes, TX
Joyce (GranmaFL) Florida
Catherine & Rick (jerseyridgearts) NW Illinois
David & Jackie (Gypsy Too) Aiken, SC
Tom & Lani (CZEE) Colorado Springs, CO
Paul & Rachel (Roger007) Angola, Indiana
John & Irene (CT Valley Cruisers) CT
Carol & Ed (PineLakeCruiser) Sammamish, WA
Sue & Keith (lbhafen) Long Beach, CA D405
John & Marilyn (johnmik1) Chicago, IL
Ronnie & Debbie (lovetocruisenow)
Mary & Bob (bomar) Grand Junction, CO
Ray & Tina (RayFortMill) Fort Mill, SC
Fooad & Claire () Fort Mill, SC
Sharon & Marc (Dry Martini) Woodland Hills, CA
Saundra & Paul (Suzy Heights) Pompano Beach, FL
Barbara & Garry (MsPrincess55/cruisehound1943) Alabama
Mike & Paula (golden egg) Seattle, WA
Tom & Lynn (tbathurst1220) Salem, OR
Sally & Cliff (Beachtaylors) Gulf Breeze, FL B639
Tom & Lynn (tbathurst1220) Salem OR
Dan & Linda (mimi217) New Bedford, MA
Richard & Cindy (cruisetimesfour)Acushnet,Ma.
Bill & Gloria (CruisinGloria) Halifax NS C528
Linda & Tim (LBSki) Daly City and San Mateo, CA
Ed & Jeff (aaerobear) San Francisco, CA
Ely & Ellie Fay (E&E) Pembroke Pines, FL
Ed & Jeani (Little Amma) Albuquerque, NM
Kathy and Jim (Marco two), Wesley Chapel, FL
Georgina & Herb (knottyknitter), FL
Marsha & Dave (fsusupper) ?
Fran & Len (Francine) San Antonio, TX
Judy & Morris (zip3636) Montreal, ON
? (Sailawaynow) Virginia
? (Annleelo)
Paula & J.K. (mygirl75) St. George, UT
Steve & Kathryn (kavanaugh) Fort Gratiot, MI
Carola & Ken (pickleballqueen) The Villages, FL E729
? (sassysealegs) Ontario
Barb (GaBella) Hiawassee, GA
Julie & Michael (Pokemomma) Denver, CO
Judy & Bill (Desert Rats) Henderson, NV
Jim & Pam (FBFLCruiser) Fernandina Beach, FL
Pat & Mike (Patfra2) Scottsdale, AZ/Orland Park, IL
Lily & Eddie (superjoao08) Fremont, CA E625
Jan (gloria1234) Hiawassee, GA
Jeannine (gloria1234) Citrus Springs, FL
Greg & Eva (w82crz) St George, Ut
Merle & Greg Wynne (Teammates), New Port Richey,Fla.
Lynette & Dale McAllister (Homebrewer84128), Salt Lake,UT
Kevin and Patty Quigley (kq-buddy@msn.com), Santa Rosa,CA
Pete & Silvia (srpilo) San Diego, Ca
Bill & Charlie (mamachaz1) Santa Rosa, Ca
Judy and John Wynne Melbourne, Fla
Carol and Carmine Sirignano, New Port Richey, Fla.
Jeannette & Norig Asbed, (Hripsimee) Naples FL
(23-Days) British Isles / Iberia Grand Adventure - (5/5-28/2011)
Kay (K3cruiser) Upstate, SC
Jack & Carol (CAROLMACEY) Tucson, AZ
Dan & Karen (dksailaway & karacruise) Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Submitted by: Dale McAllister (Homebrewer84128)

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