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2010-11-27 - Norwegian - Epic/Event: Maya Chan Beach

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Event: Maya Chan Beach

Meet: Outside the port gate within 1/2 hour of ship docking - November 29, 2010 - Port Day Costa Maya

Organized by: Georgene (CruisenGoddess)

About the event: I'm going to head up a group excursion to Maya Chan Beach Resort (all inclusive) in Costa Maya for Monday November 29, 2010. What's included: Round trip transportation from the port, all beverages (alcoholic/non-alcoholic) premium selection and tropical drinks, all food, bikes, kayaks, snorkel gear and internet (bring your laptop or share theirs). Maya Chan is now offering massages on the beach - The massages are $ 25.00 per half hour and $ 45.00 per hour.
Here's their website: http://www.costamayabeachresort.com/
We were at this resort last December and it truely is fantastic. I wrote a small review and posted it in the Costa Maya board. CC merged threads and you can find the thread here: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1087631
Here is my photos of Maya Chan Beach Resort
There is a limit of 40 people at the resort. We'll get a better price for a group rate. Price depends on how many go - You can expect about $49 per person if 9-10 book, 10 or more get a special group price. Groups must all travel together and share a private Palapa.
If you are interested email Mark and tell him you are part of Epic 11/29 group.

The following people have signed up:

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Photo Name Cruise Critic ID Cabin# Home Town

Bob and Barbwoldridge 11614 Lehigh Acres, Florida

Chris & Angie Winkler*Wink* & CWinkler 11313 Lancaster, SC

Dennis Chris Carol Lori (Dennis & Carol, Chris & Lori)HiramAbif 12119 12278 Massachusetts

Eric and Michelediesel1988 10116 Gloucester Ma.

Justin and Crystaljlmarier 10193 South Range, MI

Rick & GeorgeneCruisenGoddess 9298 Golden Isles, GA


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