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2009-11-15 - Princess - Caribbean

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Cruise critic username: ctguy001
Pre cruise: In one day early in Isla Verde
Number of cruises: 38
Age: 60
About: Cruising!

Brian & Laura
Cruise critic username: ermina
From: NANAIMO, British Columbia Canada
Cabin: D 201
Pre cruise: november 6 and staying at marriott stellers casino for two pre cruise nights
Post cruise: November 22
Excursions: Nov 9 GODFREYS TOURS in St THOMAS nov 11 excursion with princess spices of grenada Nov12 bonaire woodwind charter Nov 15 St Thomas deep sea fishing Nov 18 Antiqua nelson's dockyard tour Nov 19 St Lucia consol tours
Number of cruises: zero
Age: 62 and 58
Email: [click to send email]
About: we enjoy fishing and camping and of course holiday's in warm tropical area's.

Christopher Hendrix
Cruise critic username: chrisahx
From: Atlanta, GA
Cabin: F309
Pre cruise: No Pre-Cruise, Just straight to pier from our 1:58pm arival
Post cruise: 11/24/09 2 nights post cruise at Ritz Carlton San Juan
Excursions: None Planned so far but I'm interested
Number of cruises: 1-10 night Crystal Cruise thru Panama Canal
Age: 34-Me 77-My 2 parents
Email: [click to send email]
About: Hi all,
This photo is the only one I have on this new netbook I'm working off, and its of me and my cousin taken this past winter in Cancun.
'm going on this cruise with my 2 parents, Kitty and G.D. My father is a retired Army-Marine Corps Colonel and will soon be National Chaplin for the American Legion. He is very active in the American Legion as is my mother to a degree. I have one sister who is not going to be on this cruise. I've alays gotten along well with my parents and as such have taken many trips with them. I attended Tulane University in New Orleans after which I lived in the Berkshires of MA for a year and then 9 yeears in Manhattan, NYC. Because of my career in NYC, I also lived 3 years in Delhi India during the late 90's. I have since moved back to Atlanta where I grew up.
Other than my parents, I'll be alone on this ship. I don't know if there will be many singles onboard, but I sort of doubt it since I don't see any on here or cruisecritic. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at the Wheelhouse bar on the 15th at 5pm.
See you all onboard soon!

Diane and Walt
Cruise critic username: cruisingrealtor
From: Indian Trail NC
Cabin: D620
Pre cruise: 11/15/09
Post cruise: 11/22/09
Number of cruises: 15
Age: 63 &65
Email: [click to send email]

Jim & Tona
Cruise critic username: lvcruzers
From: Las Vegas
Cabin: Guarantee Obstructed Oceanview
Pre cruise: Nov 6th
Post cruise: Nov 8th We are doing a B2B
Excursions: St. Thomas-Captain Nautica's thru Princess & Barbados-Silvermoon. We are thinking of Patouche on Tortola & Eli's Eco Tour on Antiqua
Number of cruises: Jim's 3rd & Tona's 4th
Age: 58 & 56
Email: [click to send email]
About: Jim works for a large plant nursery as a Fleet Manager. He loves riding his ATV & exploring the surrounding mines & desert. For several years he raced ATV's until an accident sidelined him. Tona drives people to doctors appointments. She also does volunteer work with the Trauma Intervention Program. She is a National Trainer with that program and travels to different chapters around the country teaching. They both love to travel & are addicted to cruising!

Jim and Pat
Cruise critic username: HarleyRider03
From: Northville, MI
Cabin: D623
Pre cruise: Nov. 15
Post cruise: Nov. 22
Excursions: still looking
Number of cruises: 4
Email: [click to send email]
About: Jim's a system analyst and Pat's a realtor. Motorcycle tours, cruising, actually any vacation in a warmer climate than Michigan

Miguel & Maria
Cruise critic username: Lourdes68
From: San Diego
Pre cruise: 11/14/09 We arrive in San Juan
Post cruise: 11/25/09
Excursions: Silvermoon in Barbados, COSOL Tours in St. Lucia (still unsure) and the BATHS on our own in Tortola. So far that is what we have.
Number of cruises: 0
Age: 40 & 41
Email: [click to send email]
About: My hubby is a Law Enforcement officer. I work for the county in the Social Services field. We are celebrating our 20th anniversary. Our favorite hobby is RV camping in our fifth wheel with our beautiful daughters. We love family BBq's, my hubby is a BIG football fan, and we both love going on the town and entertaining at home as well.

Peg and Cliff
Cruise critic username: PegasusGM
From: Duluth, MN
Cabin: D 506
Pre cruise: Flying in to San Juan 11/15/09
Post cruise: Adventure of the Seas, then flying out of San Juan 11/29/09
Excursions: St. Thomas Photo Tour, Nelson's Dockyard and Island Drive. Atlantis Sub in Barbados
Number of cruises: 5
Age: 62, 62
Email: [click to send email]
About: I am a licensed alcohol and drug therapist, a sex offender therapist, and a chaplain. Cliff is a program manager for Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans. We are marking our 39th wedding anniversary and following this trip with a week on Adventure of the Seas. Looking forward to two weeks together!

PJ and Donna
Cruise critic username: mastifftrouble
From: Maryland
Cabin: E720
Pre cruise: Arrive in SJ on 11/13
Post cruise: Depart on 11/21
Number of cruises: 2
Age: 45
Email: [click to send email]
About: Golf, Cycling, Quilting, Street Rods, Snorkeling,

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