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2009-10-15 - Carnival - Dream

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Allison and Curt
Cruise critic username: vacationnow12524
From: Minneapolis, MN
Cabin: 8472
Pre cruise: Oct. 15
Post cruise: Oct. 29 - Heading to Rome for a few days
Excursions: Naples-Pompeii-Sorrento-Capri, Private tour in Sicily, Segway Tour in Barcelona
Number of cruises: 4
Age: 38
Email: [click to send email]
About: We will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary on this cruise. (Oct. 22) Love to travel and this will be the first large trip without our 3 year old!

Anna & Randy
Cruise critic username: wyomingirl
From: Laramie, Wyoming
Pre cruise: October 14th, Suite Dreams
Post cruise: October 28th
Excursions: Pompeii/Amalfi Coast; Taormina & Castemola
Number of cruises: 4
Age: 41, 44
Email: [click to send email]
About: Anna: Quilting, travel, reading
Randy: Lights/Music (he has a mobile DJ business)

Ben and Wendy
Cruise critic username: Sanjuro
From: Frisco, TX
Pre cruise: 10/11/09 - Four days in Rome pre-cruise
Post cruise: 10/28/09 - One day at Ostia Antica post-cruise
Excursions: Naples, Messina, Monaco, and Livorno
Number of cruises: 5 and 0
Age: 29 and 32

Bev and John
Cruise critic username: sailoroma
From: Lancaster, PA / Stuart, FL
Cabin: 2210
Pre cruise: October 14th - B&B La Corte dei Fiori, Rome
Post cruise: October 28th - B&B La Corte dei Fiori, Rome
Number of cruises: 3 - Eastern Caribbean ('93), Panama Canal ('07), Alaska ('09)
Age: 63
Email: [click to send email]

Bill & Connie
Cruise critic username: ckh2001
From: Elm Grove, Wisconsin
Pre cruise: 10/15/2009
Post cruise: 10/27/2009
Number of cruises: 6+
Age: 64 & 51
Email: [click to send email]

Caroline & Josh
Cruise critic username: Liney1982
From: Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
Number of cruises: One (7 day Med cruise on the MSC Orchestra in 2007)
Age: Caroline (27), Josh (24)
Email: [click to send email]

ClaudiaGabriella & Tom
Cruise critic username: ClaudiaGabriella
From: Rialto, CA
Cabin: inside (dont know # yet)
Pre cruise: 10/14 7pm -staying at Hotel Lirico Near Termini Station-Planing to spend part of the day walking and seeing Rome
Post cruise: 10/29- Hotel Piemonte-Tour the Vatican on the 28th
Excursions: Intested but looking on how to do it the inexpensive way!
Number of cruises: This will be our first!
Age: Claudia 37, Tom 38, Kaitlyn 9
Email: [click to send email]
Homepage: https://www.claudiatowell.com

Clint and Anna
Cruise critic username: Whiteman
From: Asheville
Cabin: 9249
Pre cruise: 10/13/09 Relais Chigi
Post cruise: T/A to New York and 3 days in Time Square
Excursions: lots
Number of cruises: 4
Age: Clint-54 Anna-66
Email: [click to send email]
About: Clint likes unique architecture, import sports cars and lots of travel. Anna likes sewing hand crafts antique quilts and blankets and cruises of all kinds. Oh and her cat Shyshy.

Dave and Barb Butler
Cruise critic username: DLButler5
From: Virginia Beach, VA
Cabin: 8433
Pre cruise: October 13 Hotel Traiano Civi
Post cruise: November 12
Number of cruises: 13 + these 2 = 15
Email: [click to send email]

David & Debi Jones
Cruise critic username: Tink413
From: Clearlake, Texas
Cabin: 2381
Pre cruise: October 15, 2009v- Straight to the Ship
Post cruise: October 27-30, 2009 - St. Regis Hotel - Rome
Excursions: Naples - Pompeii; Venice - Gondola Ride , Murano, Burano & Torcello; Sicily - Godfather Tour; Barcelona - HOHO; Livorno - Florence & Pisa; Rome - Vatican, Colosseum & Ancient Rome
Number of cruises: 4
Age: 49 David and 46 Debi
Email: [click to send email]
About: We simply cannot wait for this long overdue vacation to happen. It is the first time we will have traveled this far without the kids and dogs! David's interests includes anything that has "Houston" in front of it, aka Texans, Astros and Rockets. So... practially 12 months out of a given year you will find him glued to a TV watching some form of Houston sports and yes....even when they lose....I on the other hand have to entertain myself during these stressful times by interior decorating projects and of course shopping....and shopping and shopping. I love an amazing buy!!! I am in commercial real estate and David is one of Houston's finest, men in blue.

Debi and Larry
Cruise critic username: Hootski
From: So. California
Cabin: 6456
Pre cruise: October 13
Post cruise: October 27
Number of cruises: 3
Age: 56/65
Email: [click to send email]
About: Flight Attendant/Pilot. Photography, hiking, mountain biking, SCUBA, traveling, meeting new people.

Deborah & David
Cruise critic username: ririjax
From: Richmond, VA
Number of cruises: 2
Age: 30 & 32
Email: [click to send email]
About: This will be our honeymoon... very excited!

Dennis & Terri
Cruise critic username: RetiredToNC
From: Hendersonville, NC
Cabin: 9295
Pre cruise: Oct 12 Little Queen B&B
Post cruise: Oct 28
Excursions: Florence (pre-cruise); Pompeii/Amalfi Coast; French Riviera(Monaco);
Number of cruises: 3
Age: 69 & 63
Email: [click to send email]
About: Golf, Hiking, Traveling, Grandchildren(4), Cooking (Terri)

Diane & Ernie
Cruise critic username: diane52
From: Cheshire, CT
Cabin: 1314
Pre cruise: October 13
Post cruise: October 29
Excursions: Herculaneum, Cinque Terre
Number of cruises: 20
Age: 61,57
Email: [click to send email]
About: Retired to Travel

Ducky & Thersea Smith
Cruise critic username: duckysmith@comcast.net
From: blackwood, nj
Cabin: 6386
Pre cruise: 10/12/09
Post cruise: 10/28/09
Excursions: lots
Number of cruises: lots
Age: 60-55
Email: [click to send email]

Ed & Kelley
Cruise critic username: eekconway
From: Deer Park, NY
Cabin: 2310
Pre cruise: 10/13/09 2days in Rome
Post cruise: 10/27/09
Excursions: Probably Every Port
Number of cruises: 3 & 4
Age: 31 & 32
Email: [click to send email]

Elaine and Kathy
Cruise critic username: hartliem
From: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Cabin: 7292
Pre cruise: Oct. 9/09
Post cruise: Oct 28/09
Excursions: Have excursions planned for every port except Barcelona, Croatia and Venice.
Number of cruises: 5
Age: Kathy - 43 -- Elaine - 50 (on Sept 20)
Email: [click to send email]
About: Elaine - I love hockey. I play hockey all winter in a women's league and play softball and tennis during the summer. I have two boys (20 & 18) both in university. I am a court report in Family Court.
Kathy - I am a professional musician who plays the French Horn. I was in the Canadian Military in the Stadacona Band for 20 years before retiring. I became ill and was released on a medical pension. Now I play in a couple of local bands purely for fun. I love computers. I have a beautiful puppy, Koda, 6 mths old. He is an American Hairless Terrier.

Gary & Diva Coulter
Cruise critic username: gscoulter
From: Burlingame, CA
Cabin: 11202
Pre cruise: Roma Sisto V 10/13-15
Post cruise: Off to Frankfurt
Excursions: Naples and Messina Excursions, rest on our own.
Number of cruises: 4
Email: [click to send email]
About: Golf, skiing, travel,RV's, Harleys, fun, friends and family

James and Jodie
Cruise critic username: TrngLady
From: Athens, TX
Pre cruise: 15 Oct 09
Post cruise: 15 Oct 09
Number of cruises: 4 (all previous on Disney)
Age: James 38, Jodie 37
Email: [click to send email]
About: We are both active duty Air Force, currently stationed in Germany. We both have 3 years to go until retirement, but until then the thing we are most excited about is this cruise. We can't wait!!!

Janis & Dick
Cruise critic username: Luvcdays
From: So. Cal.
Cabin: 10205
Pre cruise: 10/12/09 Hotel Paba-Roma
Post cruise: 10/28/09 Aran Blu Hotel-Ostia
Excursions: Taormina & Cote D' Azur & Tuscany
Number of cruises: 14
Age: 49 & 52
Email: [click to send email]
About: RV & Cruise Travel, good food & good friends...

Jill & Lindsey
Cruise critic username: jilly08
Pre cruise: 10/7-10/13 Apartment in Trastevere 10/13-10/15 Valle Del Marta, Tarquinia
Post cruise: 10/27-10/29 Rome B&B Bologna
Number of cruises: 6 & 3
Age: 49 & 25
Email: [click to send email]
About: Lindsey studied art history at Temple so this trip is a dream come true for her. She is working full-time right now, but is planning on completing her education next fall.
She enjoys writing music and playing the guitar.
Jill works for a health insurance company as an analyst. She enjoys reading and of course, planning as many vacations as time and money will allow. This will be her second trip to Italy.

Jim & Buffy

Jim and Buffy Tucker
Cruise critic username: The Commisioner
From: Burlingame, CA.
Cabin: 2476
Pre cruise: 10/8/ Marriott Central Park, (Rome all week)
Post cruise: 10/28 one day after leaving the ship
Excursions: pending
Number of cruises: 12
Email: [click to send email]
About: golf. politics, construction, travel

Jimand Barb Lamaina
Cruise critic username: bones0319
From: Blackwood,NJ
Cabin: 12219
Pre cruise: 10/12/09
Post cruise: 10/28/09
Excursions: amlifi coast,godfather tour, bikes in spain
Number of cruises: 1
Age: 45, 43
Email: [click to send email]
About: Barb and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anviry.
Barb is an ER nurse for 20+ years. I am a former chef now a Home builder in philly area. My company was just named Best of Philly home builder.
We have 2 boys 25 & 6.
we are sailing with 6 friends and can not wait to sail...

Jody and Chris Zetah
Cruise critic username: josy777
From: St. Cloud, MN
Cabin: 2341
Pre cruise: 10/15
Post cruise: 10/27
Number of cruises: 0
Age: 34, 30
Email: [click to send email]

Joe and Denise
Cruise critic username: Deanne Willis
From: Buchanan, Michigan
Cabin: 7240
Pre cruise: October 12 Hotel Cinquantatre
Post cruise: October 28 Airport Hilton
Excursions: many
Number of cruises: 8
Email: [click to send email]
About: kids, grandkids, cruising, dancing

Joel & Megan
Cruise critic username: Little Lemon
From: Morganton, NC
Cabin: 2318
Pre cruise: 10/13-10/15/09; Augusta Lucilla Palace, Rome
Post cruise: 10/27-10/28/09; Augusta Lucilla Palace, Rome
Excursions: Taormina, ??
Number of cruises: 4
Age: 39 & 29
Email: [click to send email]
About: We will be honeymooning on this cruise. We are so excited. This is the first time either one of us has been to Europe.

John & Patti
Cruise critic username: quiltgal24
From: Sacramento
Cabin: 6417
Pre cruise: 4 days in Paris then to Rome on Oct. 12 - Hotel La Residenza
Post cruise: Oct. 28 - Hilton Garden Inn at the Airport
Excursions: Amalfi Coast, Taormina, Tuscany, French Riviera
Number of cruises: 5
Age: 62
Email: [click to send email]
About: Love to travel, play golf, and spend time with family and friends. Have 2 dogs--Cooper (Bichon Frise) and Taiko (Lhaso Apso). I love to quilt, knit and read. We have 4 great kids between us and 3 adorable grandchildren, ages 14, 5 1/2 and 2 1/2.
We are celebrating our 25th anniversary.

John & Sonia
Cruise critic username: BiggyMac
From: Arlington, Texas
Cabin: 9368
Pre cruise: Arr FCO 10/15 - Straight to Ship
Post cruise: Depart 10/27 for 5 days in Paris
Excursions: Naples/Pompeii - Rest on our own.
Number of cruises: This is the first of many, we hope!
Age: 57 & 62
Email: [click to send email]
About: We enjoy meeting new friends while searching for our next adventure. Our pool and backyard see a lot of us and when not working, that is generally where you'll find us. We, of course, love to travel as time permits and are looking forward to our first cruise! Both of us are in the hospitaltiy business and this is now our chance to be served!

Judy and Ethel
Cruise critic username: jebl
From: bonita springs, fl
Cabin: 2371
Pre cruise: 10-15
Post cruise: 10-29 Cosmopolita Hotel
Excursions: Amalfi Coast, Vatican 10/27
Number of cruises: 16
Age: 67, 70
Email: [click to send email]
About: Retired and living at an adult summer camp i.e. adult mobile home community. Loving life here in paradise. Leaving the hubbys home this time for a girls cruise. Love cruising, reading, shopping,
and just having a good time.

Laura and David
Cruise critic username: Gatorgirlca
From: San Francisco Bay area
Cabin: 6330
Pre cruise: 10/14 Crowne Plaza-Rome-St.Peters
Post cruise: Straight to airport-need transfer
Excursions: haven't decided
Number of cruises: New to cruising
Age: 47
Email: [click to send email]
About: We will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary!!
Live in northern California. Love the outdoors. Love to spin and cycle.Live in wine country and love wine tasting.
Husband was college football player. He loves sports. He is from Boston and loves anything from there.
I am a huge Gator fan and Tim Tebow fan.
I am a cardiac rehab RN and my husband works in the semiconductor industry in Silicon Valley.
Have two teenage girls that keep us busy.

Linda & Mike
Cruise critic username: Linny13
From: Franklin Square, NY
Cabin: 9472
Pre cruise: 10/14 Hilton Cavalieri
Post cruise: 10/28 Marriott Courtyard Airport
Excursions: Monaco/Monte Carlo/Nice/St. Paul de Vence, San Gimignano/Sienna/Pisa, Rome, Amalfi/Positano/Ravello, Taormina
Number of cruises: 15
Age: 50 & 53 (aboard the Dream!)
Email: [click to send email]
About: NY Yankees! NY Jets! Travel! Golf! Friends & Family!

Lloyd and Lee Anne
Cruise critic username: L&LC
From: Las Vegas
Pre cruise: Monday, October 12: Hotel Cosmopolita
Post cruise: Tuesday, October 27
Excursions: Pisa & Winery; Positano, Sorrento, Pompeii
Number of cruises: 2
Email: [click to send email]

Lorraine & Reggie
Cruise critic username: Mufster
From: San Antonio, Tx
Cabin: 8289
Pre cruise: Oct. 14, 2009 staying at Albani Hotel
Post cruise: Oct. 28, 2009 - overnight in Rome at Visconti Palace on the 27th
Excursions: Still working on it....would like to join others doing private or small group tours.
Number of cruises: Lorraine 3, Reggie 6
Age: Young 61, Young 67
Email: [click to send email]
About: Both of us are retired - love to travel, including day-tripping around Texas and visiting casinos wherever we can! We are history lovers - Reggie's favorite is Civil War history, and Lorraine likes to read every historical marker she comes across.

Marco Polo and Cleopatra Smith
Cruise critic username: marcopolosmith
From: newkirk, de
Cabin: 6384
Pre cruise: 10/12/09
Post cruise: 10/28/09
Number of cruises: lots
Age: young& old
Email: [click to send email]

Marty & Jeanne
Cruise critic username: CarnivalFan2
From: Houston, Texas
Cabin: 12204
Pre cruise: Oct 14, 2009 Hotel Traiano Civitavecchia
Post cruise: Oct 27, 2009 Hotel Cosmopolita Rome
Number of cruises: 3
Age: 48, 45
Email: [click to send email]
About: Marty: cruising, ships, sports, beer, Canadian whiskey, cigars...
Jeanne: Christmas, books, dogs, Christmas!!

Cruise critic username: maryann2
From: Vancouver B.C.
Cabin: 2212
Pre cruise: OCT 10th 2009 Staying at IL ROSARIO convent
Post cruise: Back to Back Arriving New York Nov 12th
Excursions: Cinque Terre with Carnival.
Number of cruises: 10
Age: 65
Email: [click to send email]
About: Recently retired R.N.

mary and sam
Cruise critic username: vegascruiser
From: las vegas
Pre cruise: 10-13-09 rome cosmopolita
Post cruise: 10-27
Excursions: only one so far ---pisa and winery
Number of cruises: a few
Email: [click to send email]

Maureen & Tom
Cruise critic username: onetrufan
From: Currently Phoenix; previously Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, San Diego
Cabin: Cove balcony
Pre cruise: 3 days in London, then on to Rome
Post cruise: 3 days Rome post-cruise
Excursions: Amalfi Coast
Number of cruises: 9 (7 Carnival; 2 NCL )
Email: [click to send email]

Michelle Dave & David
Cruise critic username: vegasmann
From: Thorpe Bay, Essex, England
Cabin: TBA
Pre cruise: 14 Oct Hotel Traiano Civ
Post cruise: 27 Oct
Number of cruises: 15
Age: 47,48,15
Email: [click to send email]

Nancy and Henry
Cruise critic username: Oceanview585
From: The Great Northwest
Cabin: TBA
Pre cruise: 10/13 HOtel Argentina Residenza
Post cruise: 10/30 Will be traveling to Santa Margherita for 2 days then off to Milan and fly home from there
Excursions: Amalfi Coast and Capri with Carnival/ Cinque Terre with Carnival/ Best of Drubovnik with Carnival/ Monaco City Tour with Carnival/ Taormina with the CC group/Cafe Buza!!!
Number of cruises: 7
Age: 56 and 57
Email: [click to send email]
About: We love to travel. We will be celebrating our 29th anniversary on this cruise.

Nick and Joanne
Cruise critic username: nickusaf
From: Ponchatoula, Louisiana
Cabin: 6295
Pre cruise: Oct 14, 2009 Hotel Traiano Civitavecchia
Post cruise: Oct 28, 2009 Hotel Traiano Civitavecchia
Excursions: Naples Sorrento and Amalfi Coast/Venice no tours/Dubronik,Country Home in Konvle/Messina, Jewelry Factory and Mt Edna/Barcelona,Monstsrrat by Rail/Monaco, no tours/Livorno,Wines of Tuscany
Number of cruises: 16 10 Carnival, 3 RCCL, 2 NCL and 1 Holland American
Age: Nick 69 Joanne 67
Email: [click to send email]
About: Cruising, Traveling This picture is from our 50th Anniversary party given by our kid on our Anniversary April 11. Added to picture Pat and Richard on left who are traveling with us

Ray & Jeanette
Cruise critic username: GRAMMYTAN
From: Theodore (Mobile Co.) Alabama
Cabin: 9404
Pre cruise: 10/14/09 - Hotel Bramante - Civitavecchia, Italy
Post cruise: 10/27 - 10/31/09 - Stay in Rome - Hotel ?????
Excursions: Amalfi Coast (Naples), Burano (Venice), Old Town (Croatia) Taormina (Sicily) Florence (Livorno) Shopping (Barcelona)
Number of cruises: 15
Age: Celebrating my Second 30th Birthday
Email: [click to send email]
About: Obviously we love travel, particularly cruising and fell in love with Italy. Since our trip in 2007 for our 40th Anniversary we have felt "homesick" to return. Ray gave me this trip for my 60th birthday (Nov) but we will travel over his birthday (Oct). We have 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 granddogs. We also have our 2 year old baby (Jack Russell) who we named Carena which means precious little one in Italian. She is completely spoiled and we don't know how we are going to leave her for 3 weeks. We are both still full time employed. I am an accounting manager for a golf course and Ray is self employed dealing in Antique Heart Pine.

Robby & Charlotte
Cruise critic username: etexbeachbum
From: longview, tx
Cabin: 6480
Pre cruise: 10/15/09
Post cruise: 10/28/09
Excursions: lots
Number of cruises: 9
Age: 53 & 52
Email: [click to send email]
About: cruising and anything tropical

Ron and Sandy
Cruise critic username: Coastalbird
From: Pismo Beach, CA
Cabin: 8436
Pre cruise: October 11-October 15 in Florence
Post cruise: October 27
Excursions: Taromino, Pisa and Lucca
Number of cruises: None
Email: [click to send email]
About: Sandy is a retired high school teacher and Ron is a retired high tech marketing manager. After living in San Jose for 30 years (both born in raised in the Chicago area and college sweethearts-Go Illini!), we moved to the beautiful Central Coast of California. Our two married sons and their families both live in the Portland area.
Ron is an avid golfer and duplicate bridge player and Sandy is active in the local theater community and works part time as a consultant for an international educational organization. We have traveled all over, but this is our first cruise.

Shala & Eunice
Cruise critic username: cruizen161
From: Corpus Christi, Texas
Cabin: balcony cove?
Pre cruise: 10/14 Stay by port
Post cruise: 10/29 Stay in Rome then off to Paris
Excursions: oh my too many to list!
Number of cruises: 4
Age: me (41) mom (73)
Email: [click to send email]
About: We love to cruise, pets, camping, painting with oils, watching BBC, and trying new wines and making up our own martini flavors. Oh, and eating...we love to try new foods!

Sharon & Jess
Cruise critic username: SASSSE
From: Harbor City, CA
Cabin: 2501
Pre cruise: 10/13/09 Hotel Columbus / next to the Vatican
Post cruise: 10/27/09 plane leaves at 10:00 a.m.
Excursions: Pompeii / Amalfi
Number of cruises: 1..... Hawaiian Islands / Fanning Island (11 Days)
Age: 55 / 52
Email: [click to send email]
About: Jess and I have been together for 7 years, we were recently engaged on Valentine's '09. We are getting ready to retire soon. I have two wonderful kids. Jess and I are pretty flexible about life, we love to go and explore new places and see new things. We have 3 dogs, a 12 year old Rottie, a 10 yr old Chihuahua, and a 6 year old Chihuahua. We are so looking forward to meeting everyone and making new friends and memories...

Terence & Debbie
Cruise critic username: terence81
From: Pearland, Texas
Pre cruise: Oct 14-15, Hotel Artemide
Post cruise: Oct 27-28, Hotel Sant Angelo
Excursions: Naples (Mt Vesuvius & Pompeii), Messina (Taormina)
Number of cruises: 7
Age: 27 & 25
Email: [click to send email]
About: My fiance, Debbie, and I will be honeymooners on the cruise! We are getting married in Missouri on October 10th. We LOVE travelling, which is what we try to do every second we get!

Terry & Tom
Cruise critic username: Mom23guys
From: Cape May, NJ
Cabin: 7465
Pre cruise: 10/12/09
Post cruise: 10/28/09
Excursions: Pompeii and Amalfi Coast, Taormina,Tuscany
Number of cruises: 4(6 by cruisetime)
Email: [click to send email]
About: Family, travel, trivia, reading
Tom also loves golf and fishing
Picture in Denali NP Alaska

Terry and Karen
Cruise critic username: Readytocruize
From: Montgomery, AL
Cabin: 1426
Pre cruise: 10/15/09 None now, just get to the ship
Post cruise: 10/28/09 Hilton Garden Inn-Airport
Excursions: Pompeii, Vatican on 10/27
Number of cruises: 12
Age: 58 & 53
Email: [click to send email]
About: We both enjoy traveling and meeting new people. I enjoy bowling, reading, and football. Karen likes to read, watch TV, and shop.

Tom & Nancy
Cruise critic username: Mortimer49
From: St. Augustine, FL (originally from Pittsburgh, PA)
Cabin: 9402
Pre cruise: 10/14/09, Hotel Condotti
Post cruise: 10/28/09, Marriott Rome Airport
Excursions: Naples & Livorno so far
Number of cruises: 8 (1 Carnival, 2 RCL, 3 NCL, 1 Holland America, & 1 Windjammer).
Age: 60, 62
Email: [click to send email]
About: Both Pittsburgh Steeler Fans, Gator Fans, wine, travelling. Tom is an avid golfer and Florida Marlin Fan (since we lived in South Florida for 28 years).
We are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary on this cruise (actually 8/16) and my (Nancy's) 60th birthday (10/14).
We have one son (Dr. of Physical Therapy), wonderful daughter-in-law (labor & delivery nurse), two precious grandsons (3 1/2 & 7 months), two granddoggies & our second son (Brisco) is a Malti-poo.

Cruise critic username: Valentine
From: Virginia Beach
Cabin: 8433
Pre cruise: October 13 Hotel Traiano Civi
Post cruise: November 12
Number of cruises: 8 + these 2 = 10

Vicki & Gordie
Cruise critic username: yooperwoody
From: U.P. Michigan
Cabin: 8222
Pre cruise: 10/14/09 Cosmopolita Hotel
Post cruise: 10/27/09 Overnight in Amsterdam
Excursions: nothing yet, still looking
Number of cruises: 11 (all but one on Carnival)
Age: Gordie - 49, Vicki - 46
Email: [click to send email]
About: We love traveling, especially cruising. 1 grandson, 1 grandaughter. 2 sons, 1 daughter, 1 daughter-in-law.
Boating, camping, and sports! And, did I mention cruising?!

vicki & howard chattley
Cruise critic username: mommom1
From: cape may nj
Cabin: 12205
Pre cruise: 10-14, just going to look around rome
Post cruise: 10-28, want to get in a rome night tour
Excursions: pompeli,capri. St marks experience. country home
Number of cruises: 10
Age: vicki 52, howard 53
Email: [click to send email]
About: we love to travel and baby sit our granddaughter she is 3. Howard is from Philly originaly. We bowl and love to eat out.

Vincent Fitzpatrick
Cruise critic username: lisefitz
From: San Bruno, California
Pre cruise: Marriott  via Central Park Hotel
Number of cruises: 4
Email: [click to send email]
About: Pets, travel, hiking, art, construction - home improvement;

Vincent Fitzpatrick - Lisa Fitzpatrick
Cruise critic username: lisefitz
From: San Bruno, California/South Lake Tahoe
Cabin: 6460
Pre cruise: 10/12/2009 - Rome sightseeing
Post cruise: 10/15/2009
Number of cruises: 4, Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean
Email: [click to send email]
About: Art, photography, pets, horseback riding, travel.

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Innocents Abroad - The Best Cruise Book of the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries!

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The true story of a famous Berkeley murder and a landmark Supreme Court case.

The story of America's Greatest Hoax. "An inspired novel."—TIME Magazine

Memoir of the Motown #1 Hit Singer

"A unique gift for mixing comedy with pathos"—NBC

Looking for something to do? Read The Innocents Abroad — The hiliarious first book about cruising.