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2018-05-06 - Royal Caribbean - Jewel of the Seas

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Bill and Marge

Brenda and Jeff
Cruise critic username: Lutzkibbutz & Scared Shipless
From: Winnipeg
Cabin: 1100
Pre cruise: May 5
Post cruise: May 20, then a self-driving tour to Cinqueterre
Number of cruises: 4
Age: In our 50s
Email: [click to send email]
About: Family, friends, cooking, socializing, travelling, NHL and CFL sports, Faith, making music, swimming, video editing

Cathy and Steve
Cruise critic username: sunshinelover59
From: Brantford
Cabin: 3520
Pre cruise: Jewel Eastern Caribbean Cruise
Post cruise: Jewel Med Cruise then Rome until June 3rd.
Number of cruises: 10+
Email: [click to send email]

Dan & Joanne (friedaliene)
Cruise critic username: friedaliene
From: Kitchener, Ontario Canada
Cabin: Guarantee (waiting assignment)
Pre cruise: May 5 - Courtyard Marriott San Juan Miramar
Post cruise: still planning
Excursions: still planning
Number of cruises: 13
Age: 65 & 65
About: We have small manufacturing business. Dan works at that & his golf game. I cook the books and plan holidays

Dana (Travel Girl 1)
Cruise critic username: Travel Girl1
From: London, Canada
Number of cruises: 15
Email: [click to send email]

Deni & Bill Elwood
Cruise critic username: Flygal53
From: The Villages, FL
Cabin: 7022
Pre cruise: 5/5/18
Number of cruises: 15
Age: 64 and 67
Email: [click to send email]
About: We like to play golf, do yoga and cruise!

Cruise critic username: h20cruzer
Cabin: 7620
Pre cruise: May 3, 2018, no reservations made yet
Post cruise: May 22, 2018 no reservations made yet
Number of cruises: to many to count
Age: 69
Email: [click to send email]

Hadley, Dave, Marika and Rio (not sailing)
Cruise critic username: xxHadleyxx
From: Heidelberg, Germany

Jessalynn and Allan
Cruise critic username: Dr. Vegas
From: Elon, NC
Pre cruise: May 5, Pre cruise hotel The Wave Condado
Number of cruises: Too many to count! :) (Probably about 35 for Jessalynn and 18 for Allan)
Age: 60 and 41
Email: [click to send email]
Homepage: http://www.thenerdytraveler.com

Jill and Dave
Cruise critic username: shipknotshore
From: Modesto, Ca
Cabin: 7674
Number of cruises: 20
Age: 60, 64
Email: [click to send email]
About: Love to cruise and vacation! Love spending time with our family, especially our grandchildren!

Joanne & Stuart
Cruise critic username: Glasgowgal
From: Glasgow
Age: 67

John and Jeanette
Cruise critic username: Corrscorner
From: Originally from NYC. Now retired on the SW of Puerto Rico.
Pre cruise: In San Juan
Post cruise: 3 night stay in Rome before heading to NYC, May 23
Number of cruises: 6
Age: 54 and 61
Email: [click to send email]
About: Beaches, music, dancing and good company!

Lee & Yuko
Cruise critic username: wtilt
From: Orange County CA
Email: [click to send email]

Lloyd and Nancy
Cruise critic username: Rockhounds
From: Titusville, FL
Pre cruise: May 5
Post cruise: staying on for the Greek Isles
Number of cruises: 20+
Email: [click to send email]

Margaret & Ian
Cruise critic username: Texmex.ferr
From: Stirling
Cabin: 1528
Pre cruise: N/k
Post cruise: N/k
Number of cruises: 9
Age: 57 & 61
Email: [click to send email]
About: We love to travel and meet people. We've caught the cruising bug!!
Hobbies are bowling, music

Marian & Marshall
Cruise critic username: Grammawa
From: Stockton
Pre cruise: May3 Embassy
Post cruise: 20 May Milan, Zermatt, Glacier Express,st. Mortiz, Edinburgh, London
Number of cruises: 15?
Age: 21 several times
Email: [click to send email]
About: Boating on the California Delta and coastal cruising. Travel, grandchildren, OLLI, volunteerism, Certified Tourism Ambassadors. Members of IOBG. rReading and sometimes blogging. Love musical theater.

Cruise critic username: roswellcruiser
From: McDonough, GA
Cabin: 4586
Number of cruises: 19
Email: [click to send email]

Martha and Tom
Cruise critic username: hannahsnana
From: Columbia SC
Pre cruise: May 5,2018 San Juan Marriott
Post cruise: May 20 2018 Marriott airport
Number of cruises: 30 something
Age: 70 ish
Email: [click to send email]

Mike and Chris

Mike and Judy
Cruise critic username: KievMan
From: Columbus, IN, USA
Cabin: 3608
Pre cruise: May 5 - Sandy Beach Hotel
Post cruise: Unknown
Excursions: Gibraltar ??
Number of cruises: 3
Age: 52 and 52
Email: [click to send email]
Homepage: http://youthdiscipler.com
About: Americans who lived 10 years in Kyiv, Ukraine

Nancy Jo & Larry
Cruise critic username: NJ&Ozzie
Pre cruise: Will be in SJ.
Post cruise: Flying home on May 20th.
Number of cruises: 24
Age: 39 & holding
Email: [click to send email]

Paddy & Dawn from Nottingham, UK
Cruise critic username: Paddythere
From: Nottingham
Number of cruises: 1
Email: [click to send email]

Paula & Jim
Cruise critic username: pstone1
From: Merritt Island, FL
Cabin: 1042
Email: [click to send email]

Philip and Tasha (Philip2011)
Cruise critic username: Philip2011
From: Wellington, NS
Pre cruise: TBD
Post cruise: TBD
Excursions: TBD
Number of cruises: 5
Age: 35/34
Email: [click to send email]

Cruise critic username: ryansmum
From: Stirling
Pre cruise: Memphis 6 nights arrive San Juan 5th May
Post cruise: 20th May

Sarah and anthony

Cruise critic username: Aussiehall
From: Nokesville, VA
Post cruise: Hilton Rome Airport
Number of cruises: 86
Email: [click to send email]

Cruise critic username: yosemitesam
From: Gaylord Mn.,Portland Or.,Burlingame Ca.,Yosemite Ntl Park
Pre cruise: Rome - Nov.2nd
Number of cruises: 41
Email: [click to send email]
About: loving Life

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